Monday, September 14, 2015

Rodan + Fields Reverse Review

A few weeks ago I shared on instagram that I was starting the Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen.   I've mentioned in the past my hesitancy to purchase products from 'direct marketing' style companies.  However, I really do love my doTERRA oils and when one of my good friends decided to get involved with selling the skincare products, I was all ears in learning a bit more.  I had already seen a handful of bloggers share their experiences and seen lots of insta and facebook posts from those who sell with the before and after transformations.

As a beach baby who wasn't very smart with my skin, I'm already showing sun damage at 32.  It's definitely my skin's trouble area.  On top of that, the evenness of my skin tone really experienced some changes during pregnancy.  It would scar very easily, even the smallest blemish would leave a nasty mark -most of which still haven't completely faded away.  I also noticed for the very first time a sun damage spot literally in Ashlynn's birth photos.  Holding her after labor and noticing, what's the spot on my cheek?  I've always wanted to try a 'serious' strength dark spot corrector product, but I avoided anything like that through nursing, my immediate second pregnancy, and second round of nursing.  Last winter, finally free of sharing my body, I picked up a Burt Bee's Dark Spot Corrector, but after months and months I still saw no difference.

I asked Dena about the Reverse regimen because it's focused on reversing the appearance of brown spots, dullness, and discoloration.  I was skeptical about needing the whole regimen instead of just the dual active brightening complex, but since buying the whole kit is $179 and buying the products individually adds up to $222, I thought I'd just get the most bang for my buck and try them all since I really wanted to see if they lived up to the hype.  It's been a long time since I spent so much on skincare, but perhaps that's why I was looking less then fresh.  While I occasionally mix and match drugstore brands with high end lines, my go to has always been Philosophy, which turns out, getting four comparable products from them is just over $200. Thankfully, Dena was able to hook me up with some extra discounts which was awesome.

I showed a sneak peak a few weeks back at the difference after 2 weeks of use.  My initial reactions, like as in the first three days, was that I felt my skin was glowing and noticeably softer.

(2 weeks of use)

The regimen is made up of four products.  The exfoliating wash is nice, it doesn't lather like crazy, but is fine enough that it doesn't feel like you are scrubbing your face with sand either.  It definitely feels good for using twice a day.  The toner is typically a product I always skip, though I know it's crucial in prepping your skin to absorb any treatments and moisturizers after or balancing your skin's PH level.  The dual active brightening complex is made of up of two separate items, vitamin c and retinol.  A pea size amount mixed together to activate and it will diminish wrinkles and lessen the appearance of uneven skin tone. A few days into using the products, I was thinking they should make a hand cream to help the aging on the back of my hands, but then realized why don't I mix the two on the back of my hand instead of my palm.  There is definitely a difference in texture and appearance between my left and right hands. The final step is a SPF 50+ sunscreen that goes on like a moisturizer and protects my skin especially when using the brightening complex.  It's lightweight and non-greasy, I usually am able to put my make up on immediately after.

So on to the final 8 week face shots.  Again, my apologies for so much face.  It's really the last thing I want plastered on the web, but the before and afters are definitely what piqued my interest in the products in the first place.

While the changes aren't insane, I definitely notice less freckles/dark spots and reduction in the wrinkles and fine lines.  Which considering I did this during the summer while still getting sun exposure, is pretty good.  I still have plenty of product left.  The two tube third step (dual action brightening complex) is the only item I notice getting low, but still far from empty.  I'm assuming I'll get a solid three months of twice daily use on all the products.

I'm considering trying the Redefine regimen next to work a bit more on some of my wrinkles and I'm definitely pouncing on the multi function eye cream.  Seriously, check out this before and after!

If anyone is interested in learning more about the products or would like to place an order, please feel free to reach to my girl Dena or check out the Solution Tool for a quick way to see which products would be best for you.  Anyone who signs up as a preferred customer receives 10% off and free shipping and she has some other promotions going on as well.  She can definitely explain more about that!

So there you have it, a satisfied customer who now understands the hype.  I'll be sure to keep up with any other products I try to show any changes with them.

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