Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random Recent-ish Buys Round Up

Just thought I'd share some of the random purchases I've made over the last few weeks.  I love seeing what everyone else scores (on sale) so I thought maybe some of you would like to see what's new too!

While I love Christmas jammies, especially these and these, I have a hard time actually using them past the holiday.  I love Gap pajamas, but I'm not crazy about the prices.  Thankfully the ones I purchased above were already marked down and I was able to get an additional 40%.  I picked up the two pairs from Old Navy for $8 a piece, which is more my style, they just don't hold up as well.  I'm always thinking about the hand me down factor - at least when buying for Ashlynn.

Right now Gap is offering 40% off for cardholders, code thanku, and 35% off, code love, on all regular priced items. Anddddd, Ebates is offering 8% cash back so don't forget to use that too!

Back in August, I ordered both these heels for $100 (total) to try for the wedding we had.  I had rented my dress through Rent the Runway for $30 and decided since I was saving so much money by not buying a dress, I'd finally get a new pair of dressy heels.  The black heels I typically wear were at least 8 years old and any others I have are just too uncomfortable to deal with - you guessed it, bridesmaid shoes!  I wasn't sure which color would look better with the dress so I ordered both the week before and plan to return the ones I didn't wear.  Turns out I loved them both so much and was blown away at how comfortable they were I kept them both.  Seriously, I had low expectations on comfort, but was just amazed.  5 stars for price, style, and comfort!

I also ordered a ficus pandurata bush, aka a fiddle leaf fig bush, because I saw they were back in stock on Home Depot when I was ordering the mirrors and fixtures for the girls' bathroom.  I figured for $16 if I can only keep it alive for a few months it won't hurt and if it somehow does live, then best $16 spent because we could really use some friendly house plants around here.

Even though I really liked bullet journaling for my planner this year, I still like to have monthly calendar to reference schedules, appointments and plans.  While I know the Emily Ley/Erin Condren thing isn't for me, I was having trouble deciding between the beautiful but still pricy Rifle Paper Co, Shop, and something like a Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade.  After trying to find out as many details as I could online and some price comparing, I ordered the Lilly Pulitzer planner for $22 on Amazon, and it's perfect.

Lastly, I ordered two cook books from Amazon as well, Everyday Detox and Sheet Pan Suppers.  I don't mind cooking, but I need easy recipes that don't require too much prep or attention.  I'm a big fan of my crockpot, but hopefully the sheet pan suppers will be a nice change up.  The Everyday Detox has a great premise behind it and how to truly eat naturally, but thankfully the other isn't encouraging that unless it's what you want, but just sharing great healthy recipes.

So tell me, what have you bought lately!

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