Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kenley Drew - 21 Months

Kenley turned 21 months on Sunday and she officially is now closer to 2 than 18months which is nice because I hate referring to her age in months at this point.  So much easier to say "she'll be 2 in November" than have strangers try to calculate months since no one by toddler moms think that way.

And she's definitely acting more like a two year old too! She can have full conversations with us, not with sentences, but with answering questions and letting her needs and wants be known.  Like Ashlynn at this age, she knows her colors and basic shapes.  She has counted all the way to 11, but typically she'll go "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11" and she count down from 5, thanks to Little Einsteins, since she ends it with "Blast Off!"

Old news about her loving art, but she colors or paints daily.  I frequently find her quietly coloring all by herself (and occasionally ON herself).  She also loves playing with trains and cars and stacking blocks.  She also my little couch potato.  She would watch TV all day if we let her, which we don't, but she definitely gets more than the recommended 0 minutes.

Her appetite is hit or miss.  Sleep is pretty decent, naps are no issue and bedtime is fine as long as we get a good cuddle.  She will wake up usually during the night, but go right back to sleep once I get her and bring her into our room.

She is obsessed with Ashlynn, copying her and crying when we leave her at school or activities.  She loves going to her school and makes herself right at home walking into A's classroom and talking to her teachers, picking up toys, and giving hugs.  We aren't planning to enroll her until Spring when she is old enough to to be in the class Ashlynn was in last year, but I already have no fear that she is ready and will fit right in.

She had her first vacation this past month and her first night away from mommy and daddy. (more on that in another post).

I'm not sure when she grew up, but she did.  I have two little girls who love to laugh and play together and it's really every dream come true.  If you'd like to see more of that nonsense, follow us on Snapchat  @ehayes1183. 

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