Wednesday, September 2, 2015


2,191 days it has been (+4 if you count until today) that we said our marriage vows.  This was the first year we didn't have a wine bottle to celebrate with, but instead we drove home from Boston with friends and picked up our offspring and came home to a celebratory dinner of sandwiches and detox, because, previous night's wedding.

It really has been a crazy end of summer.  We spent our week at the beach, came back and packed the husband up to leave Sunday morning for his work trip to Cali.  Getting kicked back into 24hour daughter and doggie duty was pretty unpleasant after a week with extra hands.  Dad flew the red home and got in Thursday morning around 8am, before taking a quick shower and heading back over to the office for a meeting. He bounced as soon as it was out, and we packed up, again, to take the girls back to the beach.  We spent the night and left the next morning to carpool up to Boston with some friends and pregame prepare for the wedding.  It was our, and the couple we were with, first night being away from our kids.  We did great.  The kids definitely missed us at bedtime, but that's not much different from when we do a date night.  The wedding was right on the North End harbor and the weather couldn't have more perfect.  I ended up renting the Robert Rodriguez Azure Swirl Mini Dress from Rent the Runway and it was perfect.

And just like that "summer" is officially over, even with the weekend ahead.  September has started and pre-school along with it. Six years in, and so many dreams come true.  Can't wait for the next 60!


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