Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Women Crush Wednesday - Favorite Instagrammers

I don't usually participate in the Follow Friday posts on IG, but I do have a bunch of favorite instagrammers who I'd love to share. Generally, my favorite accounts are those who are my friends (real life and internet buds), but these other accounts offer lots of inspiration and eye candy.


I had a hard time narrowing it down to just four artists, but I love that these artists are all so different.  Blakely Little because her low country marshes remind me of the marsh back home.  Carolyn Joe because her techniques just blow my mind.  Seriously, check her feed and see the variety of styles she can master, I have a hard time picking a favorite.  Britt Bass just has such a fun style and the best color combinations, if art is supposed to invoke a feeling she's completely cornered "happy".  April Preston paints replicas of bride's bouquets, amongst other things, but I love the detail to the flowers, yet she makes it seem so simple and easy with light layered brushstrokes.

Interior Design

If I could live in a dream house, it'd be styled by these geniuses. 

Sweet Treats

Try not to drool.  Having to pick from Erin's feed wasn't fair.  Holly Fox makes the best royal icing sugar cookies.  Her colors are insane and designs always cute and modern.  I Am Baker is crack up and her photos are foodporn at their finest. And Hayley could send me any of her treats any time.  Just sayin'.

Deep Thoughts / Mama's With Words

These mama's.  Man, if you are having a bad day they are sure to provide some insightful thoughts on motherhood.  Their feeds are beautiful, but their words even more.  And if that doesn't work #odessagrooves is sure to change your day. 
(you're welcome)


Of course the @momtog account run by @drewbphoto should be involved, but these are some of my favorite fellow mommy photographers.  I love their photography styles, filters, lighting, the way they capture their (adorable) subjects, etc.  They make me want to take better photos.

Handmade Dolls

We have a bunny from bunniclub, but I love these other adorable handmade shops.  Vanessa Byrne's Ikla Shop is so on point.  The swans, flamingos, bunnies, and fawns.  All the feeds are beautifully styled, and the dolls look almost too pretty to play with.

Crafty Ladies

Once again, perfectly propped and styled shoots.  Generally, for "real life" pictures, I can get irratated of the perfectly styled shots, like a mug of coffee, vase of flowers and fresh mani.... but for shops or websites who's purpose is to inspire, sell goods, and share ideas... I eat it up. 

Please, tell me who are your favorite accounts?!

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