Monday, August 24, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I think this year's trip to Ocean City, NJ (my hometown) officially sealed it as my favorite week of the year.  Give me sand, sun, and salt air and I'm a happy girl.  When I headed off to college, my mom , empty nested, sold my childhood home.  My dad left the island a few years later, and since graduating college, my visits home have been far and few between.  I am so thankful that my inlaws have decided to rent during August these past two years (and planning to in the future) and that we've been invited to stay a week.  There is nothing like being in my element, sharing it with my family, seeing the joy in my children's eyes, and having a few extra hands of built in babysitters with Nan and Pop around.  We hope to spend a bit more time down there next year and if anyone has an extra half mil laying around to lend me, I'd be happy to let them spend the night at our shore house.

Aside from our daily 5am wake up call from the kids, there wasn't really any drawbacks to the trip.  We had perfect weather, even if a bit humid.  Ate all the must-haves, hit the beach, the rides, the playgrounds, and even the zoo.  Since we had the grandparent's around, we were able to sneak out for a date night (early anniversary dinner) and later in the week met up with a couple of my childhood friends for dinner and drinks.

There is something so strange that I can't really put into words, about being able to share a place that means so much to me and holds my childhood memories with my children.  I can't help but wonder how many times I've ran the same path of boardwalk (thanks track practice) or rode the same rides I buckled my kids into tightly.  While so much as changed in the town, my memories all remain intact, and I cannot wait to make more in the future.

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