Thursday, August 13, 2015

Flash Sale Finds

I'm not really a big Zulily or "flash sale" shopper.  I find that once you add in shipping costs, the savings are generally moot or I can find it for the same price on Amazon and use my free prime shipping.

However, yesterday I grabbed two new leos for Ashlynn, because they can be insanely expensive, and saw a few deals that were definitely worth sharing.

The biggest items to note are the tegu blocks and magformers.  They apparently were the Christmas toys of 2014, as I had never heard of or seen them until reading all the holiday wishlists.  However, they are crazy expensive, I was able to score a set of magformers at Homegoods (keep your eyes peeled at yours!), but the deals on Zulily are comparable.  

We love our classic wooden blocks and this set for $15.99 can't be beat. And if you like wooden toys, there are bunch of wooden puzzles, like this colorful butterfly, great gift idea.

Balance bikes are another item that can be fairly pricy depending on the brand you buy, there are few colors of these B-Bikes are almost 50% off.  

With Halloween around the corner, the dress up shop is a great place to find a deal on what are normally overpriced pieces of polyester (truth).

Kids love pretending, building, and fixing.  I know my girls (and probably all boys) would love to pretend to build and fix a race car.  The toys tools are battery operated and you can even decorate the car with decals.

And finally, not really a toy, but I'm a sucker for striped jammies and if you don't want spend the Hanna Andersson prices (on sale!) there is a great collection available here for cheaper.

If you haven't already signed up for Zulily, you can here! (referral link)

Has anyone else started Christmas shopping??  Picked out Halloween costumes??  Still soaking up the last of the sunshine?

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