Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School Books

Brand new teachers, brand new BOOKS!

With the school year upon us, I know Ashlynn is experiencing a combination of excitement and anxiety.  I vividly remember the "night before 1st day of school" from my childhood.  Making outfits with all my back to school clothes, memorizing all students on my class list, imaging the bus ride and who I'd sit with at lunch.  Ashlynn is moving up to a new pre-school classroom, which means new teachers.  All the kids in her class who attended the school's summer camp have already transitioned over to the class and I know Ashlynn is nervous to have a new teacher and room.   She loves her teacher from last year and feels secure with her,  I hope by talking about school and her new room and teachers help ease some of her anxiety.  I also think reading books about school will get her excited to head back.  

I also wanted to share that Brightly, a site for book loving parents who are looking to raise lifelong readers, is running a campaign for Save the Children providing books for their literacy program.  All you need to do is "like" the picture below on their facebook page or instagram feed

I hope everyone who is sending their little ones off to school this week is holding it together and those who are checking off the last from their back to school lists enjoying their last moments of summer.  We are enjoying our last hurray at the beach, I'll be recapping all the fun next week, until then feel free to follow the overgramming on instagram.

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