Wednesday, August 5, 2015

As the world turns...

I can't believe we are almost a week into August.  We'll be on our beach vacation in a few weeks and then reality of back to school schedules and changing leaves will be upon us.  Kenley turned 20 months last week and while I should do a separate post, second child syndrome and a binge on Friday Night Lights have gotten in the way.

Biggest things to note are her language and "smarts".  She's able to identify basic colors and shapes.  She has counted to five, but generally just spouts off a random "two, three, two!" or "five, six, eight, nine!" while pointing at things.  She's been a good eater and a decent sleeper.  Every once in a while she'll wake up in the night and I'll just bring her to bed and she's fine until morning.  Most nights she sleeps from 7:30-8 to 5:30-6am and takes a two hour nap on average. Her favorite past time is art of any kind,  chalk, crayons, water colors.  And of course anything physical.  Dominates playgrounds, climbing up structures she probably shouldn't and using the big kid swings like a pro.  She jumps with two feet off the ground with ease and is almost able to do a forward roll without help, keeping up with the Ashie's.  She also peed on the potty.... twice.   I have the little potty out in the girl's bathroom since she likes to sit on it when Ashlynn uses the bathroom before baths.  She always sits on it after getting out of the bath and twice now she's peed.  I still don't think I'm going to even bother with training until she's two, but I guess we'll see how motivated she is by her sister. #herostatus

In other "things worth sharing" news....

This is an every girls knowledge must-know... you know, for emergency situations.

I came across this book in my suggested finds on Amazon the other day and added it to my wishlist to remember to pre-order.  Hello Ruby, is about a small girl with a huge imagination that teaches the concepts behind coding.  Seriously, does this not sound like the right book for all blogger mom's out there??

Last, a few fun reads.... generation catalano (that was a new one to me),  for the disney fanatics, and finally a "you don't say" ;)

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