Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Random Round Up

Just my all too frequent post of random things I want to share...

First up, Essie Gel Setter Top Coat.  I saw this at Target an end cap a few weeks ago and was pissed I just bought a new Seche Vite Top  Coat (the fastest drying top coat ever).  It was sold by itself and also in cute dual packages with full size popular Essie colors like ballet slippers, bahama mama, mint candy apple, and sunday funday. 

I always do my own nails, and after my "4th of July" red mani chipped after two days, I decided I'd give the gel polish a try.  Sidenote, is it me or does red polish chip faster for everyone else too??  So I grabbed it and this is (crappy) pic of my nails 7 days later!

I'm super hard on my nails, so just having a bit of wear at the ends is AMAZING.  Definitely a huge fan.  I mean, it's not like it's going to last 2-3 weeks, but going from 3-4 days without chips to about 6-7+ is enough to convince me.

Next up, I know your readers are full of "Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks" so I'm not going to add to that, but I do want to note the Zella "Live In" Leggings are $33.90 instead of $52.  I've said it before, but these are the BEST leggings ever.  They are nice and thick, yet not bulky, and hold you in all the right spots.  I was devastated when my were ruined during "the great paint spill of 2015" so I'll definitely be grabbing one or two to replace them.   

(word to the wise, size down when buying!)

These cute (and fun) shopbando bracelets are all on sale.  Super cute for a gift for girlfriends!

Finally, I love this overly simple idea for stamping your own dishtowels... or napkins, or table cloth, or pillows, etc. 

Share your random loves below!!


  1. Essie has gel nail polish that you can buy at the store?! Oh no am I in trouble. I was planning on stopping by Target on my way home from work later and I think I may have just added something to my list! Oops. Also, I've heard rave reviews of those leg gins by Pinterest Told Me To also so I may just have to try them now that they're on sale!

  2. yes and the best part it's a topcoat, so you can use it over any (pre-existing -aka preowned) regular nail polish. No buying $15 individual color gel polishes. I got the leggings last fall and wore them like at least 4 days a week until Kenley ruined them. :(

  3. love those bracelets! and your polish is so pretty! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Oh, I'm obsessed with Zella leggings too! And so awesome to stamp your own towels! What a cute idea for a housewarming gift! Love your finds/ideas as always!

  5. i'm a seche vite lover so I will have to try essie next time!


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