Monday, July 27, 2015

Mommy's Day Out

This past weekend I finally got a nice little break away.  I had originally planned to take a 'girls weekend' and spend a night out (which would be my first aside from when giving birth), but the plans fell through and my Best and I decided just do brunch, go shopping, and a see movie.  I snuck out at 930 and didn't get home until the kids were in bed.  Usually when I get my "me time" it doesn't last longer than 2-3 hours at a time and it typically includes a trip to Wegmans for solo food shopping.

I headed out early to do some window shopping, I hit up homegoods, Anthro, and a local boutique. We had brunch outside at White Dog Cafe (a favorite), and then wandered around the mall for awhile looking for some dresses to wear to upcoming weddings.

After being turned down by the husband for buying this $500 dress ;)  my friend scored a great gown for a steal.   We wandered around before heading to the theater to see Trainwreck.  I rarely ever go to the movies.  Actually, the only movies I've seen in the last eight years have been with Abby - Valentine's Day, Bride Wars, and both Sex in the City movies, clearly chick flicks.  The movie was hysterical and I would gladly go see it again, maybe the husband and I can sneak out one night while on beach vaca to catch it. 

Sunday was just a standard lazy weekend day.  Playground in the morning, some cleaning and chores, hung a frame in A's reading nook, and then some more playground time before bed... and Rory and Lorelai.

bunny | frame (similar) | letter | bunny

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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