Thursday, July 30, 2015

[Bookworm] Not Your Average Non Fiction

Typically, when you think of books for the toddler and and preschooler crowd, non-fiction isn't the first to come to mind.  Fantasies of princesses, dragons, pirates, and boys who can fly.  Colorful worlds of inanimate objects like trucks, trees, and or crayons come to life.  But non-fiction gets a bad rap.

Recently I've been drawn to adding more books with "meat" to them to our collection.  Ashlynn is in such an inquisitive stage, asking about everything around her and trying to learn more about this vast world we live in.  Everything from what does each and every farm animal eat to stars, planets, and sun and back to why she can't hold the little birdies in her hand (as she chases any she sees).  Aside from our growing collection of story books, she loves her Look and Finds, but she's completely memorized every page - and they have become a huge bore for mom and dad.  The best part about all these non-fiction finds is while they were be great when she's learning to read and soaking up deeper information about the world around her, they currently offer gorgeous eye candy for her to take in and learn some basics through the story the pictures tell.

Some of these books are currently at their lowest prices ever, I marked them above with a asterisk.  I scooped up Creature Features, Over and Under the Snow, and Before After, plus a few other great deals from our wishlist.  I'm hoping to hang on to at least a few until the holidays and maybe bringing out one or two over the next few weeks as I always like to bring in something fresh. 

Do you have any favorite non-fiction books for kids that are more engaging than the Encycopedia Britannica? What is your child's favorite subject?

Side Note:  Currently there are a few great deals (over 40% off) on favorites Where the Wild Things Are, Stuck, Extra Yarn, The Adventures of Beekle, You Are (Not) Small, Gaston, and Ballpark.

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