Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #7

My 7th Stitch Fix came on Friday.  I had let my stylist know that I was no longer searching for a chambray shirt, since I scooped one up at J.Crew Factory Store, and that I was looking for summer casual tops.  Breathable fabrics, as in no polyester, and was open to any shorts she might think would fit my style.

When the box arrived, I always first look at the outfit card and read the stylist's note before looking at the actual clothes.   Rachel said she really tried to focus on fabric content and find pieces that would be easy to care for.

First up, the THML Christen Embroidered Tie Neck Top ($54) .  It reminded Rachel of two blouses with tassels I have recently pinned to my Pinterest board.  When I first saw the product shot, I thought it was cute, fairly "anthro" looking which is up my alley.  I was curious to see what it felt like material wise.

When I took the top out of the box I thought I would be sending it back.  The hem isn't a high/low, but it definitely is a tad drapey and appeared to be higher in front.  I thought it would probably hit me at the weird spot between my hips and waist and just overall would have a fit issue.  Surprisingly, I didn't really notice it too much when on and seemed like the cut was flattering.  While the actual tribal inspired print isn't my favorite, I do like the black, white, and aqua combo.  This is a top I can see myself wearing on days wear humidity is high.  Even though it's rayon and not cotton, it's breezy, lightweight, sleeveless and doesn't cling or require a cami.  I can definitely see myself wearing this with jeans out to a casual dinner or over to a friends for a BBQ.   It's basically exactly what I was hoping to receive in this fix, but I'm not 100% in love with it.  I want to try it on again with jeans/jean shorts to make sure the gray shorts weren't playing an optical illusion with the hem length.

It also keeps the kids entertained. 

Verdict:  Currently undecided, but leaning towards returning.  Even though I hoped to get a stylish casual tank for summer in this fix, for the price I feel I could find something a bit nicer quality or grab something similar on sale in a few weeks when all the summer stuff gets slashed to make way for Fall arrivals.  

Next up, Rachel said she included a handful of cotton tops since I mentioned our summers are humid.  This Papermoon Bromley Embellished Detail Knit Top ($48).  I liked the feel of this top, soft and lightweight.  I tried it on the night I received the box, and hated it.  It was a bit awkward in the arms and sort of potato sack in the body.  Nothing special for what I assumed wouldn't be a price I'd find acceptable for a t-shirt.  (I always wait until the end to check the invoice for prices to hopefully not let that sway my decisions)  

I tried it on again to take pictures for the blog, and definitely hated it less. I thought if for some stroke of luck I decided to keep multiple items, I would throw it in for the extra 25% off total, because even though I wasn't in love with it, I can see myself throwing it on frequently to run errands and head to kiddie activities.  Of course, that's generally what I do with my J.Crew v-necks that are fraction of the price.  

Of course, now looking at those pictures, I'm less than thrilled with the cut and sheerness.  Definitely don't think it's worth it's price even if I plan to keep the other items.  Pushing $50 for a knit tee is just ridic, embellished or not, they aren't diamonds.

Verdict: Returned

This Skies are Blue Jayda Dot Cuffed Chambray Top ($58) was the next cotton top.  When I saw the style card I thought if it wasn't for blogging, I might not even try it on.  Considering I just bought a chambray shirt (a bit darker) and I didn't love the split tail detail in the back.  The polka dots seemed a bit too much.  And just basically, thought this was completely ruled out.

And once again, I put it on and actually liked it!  It's really comfortable and despite the shirt tail thing, It feels a bit preppy on which I like.  I also like that it will transition to Fall.  Another one to try on again, but I'm pleasantly surprised and can see it becoming a staple - easy to wear with canvas or denim shorts, white jeans, skinnies and boots.... I'm slowly talking myself into it.  

Verdict: Undecided

Last cotton top is the Brixon Ivy Diaz Embroidery & Crochet Detail Cotton Top ($74).  Rachel said she included this one specifically since I had a similar crochet gem on my pinterest board. I knew immediately from the outfit card this would probably be my favorite.  A flowy blouse, with details, and white (a favorite color of mine to wear despite children).  This also made me assume it'd naturally be the priciest in the box.  (I was right).  Because of that, I was almost hoping that it would have a bad fit and just not be flattering.

Nope, I really like it.  However, as much as I love blouses and have a bit of a collection now, I find a lot of them I don't wear frequently.  Of course, my two favorites are from Anthropologie and were both a pretty penny so I think I usually just save them for special occasions and the two I've previously kept from Stitch Fix are poly blends and just not right for summer.  I'm trying to be mindful if I will actually wear it, but it is another top that will last into Fall.  And I would definitely wear a cami underneath, as I usually do with almost everything I wear, just sayin'.

Verdict: Undecided

Last up, a pair of shorts, Skies are Blue Nessa Printed Short ($44).  Rachel actually mentioned to wear the Papermoon shirt above with them, but that didn't overly wow me as a pairing.  When I first saw the shorts, I didn't really think they were "me", but I'm glad they sent them since I've been wanting to branch out from chino and denim shorts.  However, I've been intimidated to look at shorts like this because I'm afraid they would fit and look like workout shorts or pajamas.  

Again.  I love them.  They are so comfortable, I might just wear as them as pajamas once their fashionable time is up.  While not the most luxe fabric, they don't feel cheap and the cut is perfect for my body.  The waist band is elastic in the back, but flat in the front and it just sits on my hips perfect. There are pockets too, but they lay so nicely I didn't even notice them right away.  I like that they'd be cute to wear out dressed up for a summer date night, something I have trouble with since I really don't wear dresses and jean or chino shorts a bit too casual to dress up.  But they would also work really great on heat wave days where I don't want anything heavy or sticking to my skin. They would look just as cute with a plain tank or tee.  

Verdict:  Most likely keeping

Overall, it's a battle between the white blouse and shorts as front runners.  The most and least expensive items.  I'm going to decide if I'm going to keep more than one... and if I do, then possibly a third or fourth.    What do you think, I would love some opinions!!!

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  1. Every Stitch Fix review you do, I want to sign up. And then I chicken out because of my height/long arms/torso/etc. BUT you look adorable in those shorts and the white top, definite faves.

  2. Love the white top!! That would be the one I would keep!

  3. seriously, give it a shot! I always read everyone's reviews and it really seems like they get fit right... now "cut" seems to be a different story, but that's the clothing manufacturer not the stylists. I'm always amazed how many people get pants that fit (myself included) because I can rarely find pants that fit when shopping myself. The style profile you fill out includes your height/weight, areas you like to highlight/cover, style preferences, and any notes where you could emphasize needing longer tops or prefer tunic styles, etc.

  4. Really like everything except the grey tee! That chambray top is so perfect for your skin tone/hair color.

  5. Such a good reminder to always always try everything on! The items can definitely surprise you- that has always been the case with me.

    I vote for the white top with a cami under!

  6. The tank is cute, but I'd be worried the tassels might be pulled off or something. It's happened to me before with a top like that. I agree that you could find something you fully love, at a sale price, in a few weeks. I like the detail on the gray tee but if it doesn't fit like you want it to and is over priced I'd skip it. I love the white top the most of all the pieces! The shorts are really cute too and the chambray could easily be worn in Fall or Spring too. If you only picked one thing though, I'd vote for the white top!

  7. I LOVE the white shirt and those shorts look super comfy! I definitely need some new shorts as all mine are from.. high school? ew. haha

  8. love that white shirt and shorts! i honestly think it's all cute on you but you probably don't want to buy it all. ;) and how cute is your tiny frame!? seriously you've had two kids?


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