Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide

Just a little Father's Day Gift Guide, I've seen a bunch of a great guides floating around so instead of trying to tap into the variety of 'dad types' out there, I figured I'd stick with what I know...

We always tend to stick to practical gifts in this house, it's rare when we gift each other a luxury item, luxury not meaning high-end, but something that isn't something we need.  Not that these gifts fall under the catchall of food or shelter, but are things he could have replaced or added.

Shoe Shine Kit -  The Husband has replaced most of his work shoes in the past year, so to keep them in top shape, I think it's time he gets a shoe shine kit.  This perfect zip case comes with both a hard and soft brush, black and neutral polish and a cleaning cloth.  This is one of those little things that will last for years.

Water Bottle - My man hits the gym almost every day, he also claims to drink at least a gallon of water a day.  Judging by his bladder he either really does or he's a small child. Our Nalgene's have seen better days, and I love that this insulated S'well bottle will keep his drink cool for up to 24hrs.

Windbreaker Pullover - While Pete is mostly a fair weather golfer, he does hit patchy weather from time to time when attending golf outings.  He has a great golf umbrella, but this Charles River lightweight packable jacket will be nice to have when showers pass through or during early morning tee times.

Kiehls Face Fuel - I frequently try to push skin care products over to the Husband's side of the sink.  Outside of shaving supplies, he pretty much will wash his face with a bar of soap.  Thankfully, he accepted the Cetaphil cleanser that showed up, but he could use a great moisturize with SPF.  I'm always playing mom about sunscreen, so this would at least shut up my nagging.  Happy Father's Day!!

Duffle Bag - Gym bag, weekender, basically the perfect man bag for toting around his stuff.  Right now he's been using my Adidas gym bag from high school.  It took a beating during my lacrosse years, and now each pocket is ripping at the seams.  Other than that, he travels on overnights with my K2 backpack.  (Do you see the theme here?)... this would pull double duty, and be his.

Toiletry bag - To actually keep his things organized within his gym bag.  And maybe give him a boost of confidence in the morning ;)

What are you getting the dad's in your life??

(and fyi, hubz... you're not getting all this, I just have to throw you off a bit!)


  1. Herschel is my favorite...I have it on my gift guide today too!!

  2. Michelle ZapalskiJune 10, 2015 at 11:56 PM

    ooh, great ideas!

  3. looks like me, you, and natasha got the hershel memo! :)

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