Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Heeellllloooo out there.  I'm here.  Just the usual busy-ness going on.  Renovations, diy projects, yard work, playdates, activities, appointments and even a grown ups date snuck in there too.

The counter and backsplash are complete.  Waiting on the butcher block to come for the island.  In the mean time we need to paint our cabinets and make a few fixes.  Part of our reno was to install in a mounted over the range microwave.  We hated how much counter space our old one took, and missed our over the range one from our last house.  However, to install it, we needed to shorten the cabinet space above.  We needed a 12" H  x 30" W cabinet for it to mount to.  I was open to just putting in open shelving or even a wine bottle shelf thing, but our contractor told us it'd be cheaper to buy a cabinet then to build from scratch.  Only problem, we couldn't find a cabinet with doors that matched our existing ones.  Until I was reorganizing one day and somehow was guided out of the blue to measure the small cabinet to the left of the window above the sink.  30" tall and 12" wide.  I'll called our contractor and asked if we could just turn that sideways.  So we did.  I also tried to talk him and the husband into removing the corner cabinet and sliding the cabinet set from over the dishwasher to that wall and then having open shelving in the existing space.  I lost that battle for now, mostly because of how random the soffit would look. So in the meantime, we'll find some pie shelves to finish off the corner cab.

And while I'm playing catch up... I'm currently,

Reading:  Finally picked back up Big Little Lies, still want to read Yes Please and the overly buzzed Girl on the Train.

Watching:  Finished binging through 3 seasons of Scandal, the 2nd season of OITNB, 2 eps deep into House of Cards, you know where to find us.

Upgrading:  my iPhone.  I still have an iPhone 4 from before Ashlynn was even born.  I'm pretty sure they don't even make accessories for it anymore.  I'll probably get a 6 since who knows how long I'll hang on to the next one, but wanted to hear if anyone preferred the 5s to the 6 and any other advice.  Even though I know how awesome samsung is, husband has one, I'm sticking with the fruit so don't try to convert me.

Buying:  sneakers and rainbows - yes, I have a problem hoarding both, it's probably embarassing to admit how many of both are floating around - mudroom, closet, car, garage, who knows where else?

Trying: To finish Ashlynn's closet.  Just need to hang the bar and get her clothes out of her sister's room.  You, know, actually make it a closet.

Obsessively googling....

Fabric.  Looking for the "perfect" fabric to make a DIY roman shade for the kitchen.  I'll do another post dedicated to this hunt.

Art.  It's probably obvious by now, that not only do I enjoy humoring my crafty side, I don't stick with one hobby for very long.  Whether it's a kick for sewing, baking, or painting, I like to dabble in them all.   I've become obsessed with following different artist on instagram, and have become so inspired to learn the ways of the ones that draw me in.  So I've been watching youtube tutes, scouring pinterest, and looking for local classes to take.

Local.  Going with the local art, I've been on a kick searching for more community in my community.  I love all the bloggers, 'grammers, and readers I've made friendships with, but sometimes I'd love to actually meet or hang with these like minded women and I'm always bummed that all these great blogging conferences are far away. So I've been hunting out local entrepreneurs, bloggers, businesses, you name it seeing where it leads me.  I think part of me would really like to have my "A-Ha" moment of where I should be heading outside of my role of "mom".  Not to make "mom" second priority, but just to bring some "erinn" back into the game.  She's been out of it and finally feels ready to make a comeback.  Just want to network with the right people and find the inspiration and guidance I need.   I think I'll do a whole post for this too, it could get lengthy.

oh, and This.

You're Welcome. 


  1. im binging on parenthood. i feel like i lived under a rock to just now have discovered it. and youre wise to bing on OITNB. because season THREE!! soon-ish!!

  2. We're season five deep into parenthood and I might just have to start scandal next.. and the kitchen! LOVE!

  3. I feel so inspired to change out our backsplash and counters in our kitchen but that is way down on the priority/todo list.

    I have the 5c and so far I really like it. It's a bit harder to find accessories (cases) for it but with 32g of storage you can't go wrong. My SIL has the 6 and the size took some major getting used to. It's a bit big (nice screen size) for pockets and the like but I'm sure the list of pros and cons are comparable between the two...

  4. Haha, I guess if you knew how long these binges lasted, it wouldn't really be binging! Scandal I got through in a month or so, watching maybe 3 eps a night from roughly 8-10 each night. The other shows that the husband watches with me take much longer.

  5. I watched it when it first started years ago when Modern Family started (did you know Coach was supposed to play Jay, but took Parenthood instead) We actually binged through all of OITNB starting months ago, since we only watched on wkd nights and someone is notorious for falling asleep halfway through -- it's not me!

  6. Thanks! Scandal was so easy to get through since the eps are only like 45min, now just need netflix to add season 4 so I can be totally caught up.

  7. Yep, big things take time! We hated the kitchen since we bought the place, but we've had more important things to fix... roof, floors, etc I swear we'll be working on this house forever!

  8. i love your backsplash!! gorgeous! and OITNB and HOC are favorites in our house -- enjoy! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. I love the changes you've made in the kitchen! You're so smart to think of using the cabinet you already had above the microwave. And how awesome will a butcher block island be for rolling out cookie dough?! You'll have all the space in the world!

  10. I have Yes Please and Girl on the Train in my Overdrive hold section. Been hearing so much about both out there in blog land! I just finished a draft post with books I'm currently reading/just read too. I feel like I've been blowing through books lately. I think it will post Monday, if you're looking for some to add to your rotation. I've been a total blog slacker lately because I'm in a reading mood!

  11. I LOVE Rainbows! I wore them all throughout college (can't believe I graduated eight years ago!!) and they're the only sandals I'll wear. We go to San Clemente every summer and stop by the Rainbow Factory to pick out a new pair to wear all year (and since we live in Arizona, we wear them all winter, too!) Glad I'm not the only one obsessed with them! :)

  12. The backsplash looks great! Always something I wanted to do, but I don't have the patience to do it!
    House of Cards is AMAZING. Enjoy!

  13. LOVE the counters and back splash!!! They look amazing.
    Also, I recommend the 6. I have one and I LOVE it. You'll love how big the screen is (when I look at my husband's 5, I wonder how I ever used that small dinky thing) and you'll love how much memory it has (no more "you can't take any more photo" messages). Splurge and get the 6, especially how long you keep phones, totally worth it! Oh and the camera is a million times better and faster!

  14. Your kitchen reno looks awesome!! I love the backsplash! I have the iPhone 5s and love it but the 6 does look pretty awesome :) I say go for the newest one, if you're anything like me you'll hold onto your phone until it's ancient (in phone years) ;)


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