Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Start

Hi, friends. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend celebrating and remembering all the servicemen and women who have fought for our country.  We had a great time ringing in the unofficial start of summer with some summer like temps and fun in the sun with family.

We did some sale shopping at the outlets, visited the playground, and had a family fudgsicle walk.  Sunday, my dad came to visit and the girls were so excited.  They loved playing with their Bopo and Ashlynn was excited to pick out a scooter and get burgers and, more importantly, ice cream.

Monday we spent the morning playing outside and headed to a family picnic after naps.

Ashlynn's school has a summer camp program and I was originally planning on keeping her on schedule, still attending her two part time days a week, but after learning the cost was changing and knowing we were already going to take August off due to vacation, we just decided to to give her a real summer break.  So this is her last week of school, which is a little sad because she's made some giant leaps with opening up, being social and playing with friends, actively participating in class from the shy mommy clinger she once was.   So with that said, I still want to keep her active and engaged for the summer.  If not for her own social, physical, and learning development, then for the fact the days we don' have activities planned are usually our worst.  We are in a fun phase of the power struggle, where she just ignores my requests with a nonchalant "I don't want to".

So more gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and hopefully we get into soccer too, we've been waitlisted.  Give us all the activities, keep our days busy!  And of course when all else fails, just add water!


  1. We're skipping summer school too. We co-op, so I'd have to be there too and frankly we just need a little summer break. And I didn't know how it would fit in with our summer trips etc. I'm glad to hear she's made some great improvements during the school year! Hopefully it will be like jumping back on a bike come Sept and she'll be able to dive right in. I'm trying to keep us busy this summer too. We need some structure, but also flexibility if that makes sense!

    Also, where are your wood blocks from? I'm looking for some that size and have trouble being able to tell if they're too small online.

  2. Up until this point she's been doing it at our Y. This past session (spring) was her first time in a non parent/child class (they start at 3). Before that it was mommy and me style and more similar to "The Little Gym". The class this time did work on more classic gymnastic, but with a lot of rotation and more obstacle courses to keep them entertained and having fun. So she might walk across the beam holding a ball over her head or hopping over cones, then crawl through a tunnel and hop over mats, before getting to the bars to practice some stuff with an instructor. She's going to continue this class this summer, but also start a "camp class" at a real gym. I figure by the time she's 4 or 5 we'll know if she's interested in pursuing it as a real sport and actually enroll her there (since it's a lot more than our Y class)

  3. They are melissa and doug, 60 count wood blocks I think. My dad got them for xmas two years ago. We had similar ones growing up and my brother and I played with them all the time. Beware the colored version I believe is smaller.

  4. Yeah I've found real gyms to be pricey. I just want to make sure that Ellie gets a good foundation but I'm thinking of The Little Gym because we don't have a Y membership.

  5. I think it'd be a good introduction, at this age it's really more about listening to coaches, waiting turns, and just simple things like balance jumping, climbing to build muscle strength. Actual technique and real tumbling I (in my non professional opinion) really wouldn't come until like 5ish I'd think. Well, unless she's ridic like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RuBgj8EBiI


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