Monday, May 4, 2015

Making the Bed

Ashlynn's big girl bedroom is still a work in progress, but one thing that's complete (and probably the biggest necessity to a bedroom) is her big girl bed.

Ashlynn was only 19 months old when Kenley was born and we felt it was too early to switch her to a twin bed to free up the crib for Kenley.   So we purchased a second crib and planned to delay the purchase of a bed until Ashlynn was older.  We converted the crib to a toddler bed over the summer, and aside from bedtime protests, she's never actually caused too much trouble with actually staying in her bed.

We also decided that the girls will alternate their birthday parties, with only one girl getting a "big" party each year and the other having a smaller at home celebration with a few friends and family.  So instead of spending a bunch of money for a birthday party, we invested it in her room.  Of course, with a recently completed bathroom reno and a kitchen facelift around the corner, we really wanted to do her room as cost efficiently as possible without compromising on things we value.  Just like when we did her nursery, we wanted to include style but also eco-conscious products.

Her bed started with a standard metal twin frame, found on Amazon for significantly less than anywhere else.  We ordered the headboard a few months back from Joss & Main.  It's the Melonie Twin Headboard.  I wanted a headboard that could be something that would grow with her, just like most of other things in the room.  It's easy to change bedding, art, lighting, as she grows, but the big ticket items I hoped we could have last at least until the teen years.

Same with the bed frame, I stuck with Amazon for the box spring.  Since we have Amazon Prime, I always like to take advantage of the free shipping, especially with oversized items.  This box spring, is awesome, and yeah, I just called a box spring awesome.  If you ever had to live in a city row house with a spirally walled stairwell, you'll know moving box springs - while lightweight - are still a pain in the ass.  It's a metal frame that you assemble yourself (so it ships and moves easily), and then you just a zip a cover over top.  I think I had it together in ten minutes.  Also, it was only $90.

Like when we were purchasing Ashlynn's crib for her nursery, we put a lot of thought into our decision regarding a mattress.  We chose a Naturepedic organic mattress for her crib (and Kenley's too!) because of a variety eco-conscious reasons.  You can back track to the crib post, to see our thought process of why we wanted a organic mattress, and again we still had the same feelings three years later. 

While there was a twin mattress on Amazon that had amazing reviews and only cost about $130, we decided we wanted to make sure the mattress we purchased was constructed with products free off gassing VOCs.  We would have loved to buy another Naturepedic, but spendng $650+ was really out of our budget.  Our budget being the cash I made selling all our baby gear at the children's consignment sale back in March. 

I found the Brentwood Home Finale 11"  Twin Mattress, which has Certipur-US Certified foam and a plush quilted top made of all natural wool.   I did some extra digging outside of the 4.5 stars amazon reviews, and found that if you want a truly organic mattress, you are going to pay... a lot. While this mattress probably pales in comparison in it's true green standards, we still figured it was better than no certifications and fit nicely in our budget at only $199.  Which means with all the parts together (frame, headboard, box spring, and mattress) were still less then the Naturepedic twin alone.  

Next, was the mattress cover.  I was recently contacted by Organic Caboose, to see if we would be interested in trying a product to review.  Organic Caboose is an online website that produces organic, all-natural and eco-friendly products.  I took a look at their site, which includes a wide variety of cloth diapers, wool covers, sleep sacks and nursing essentials.  I let them know that while their mission and products are those I fully support, I was no longer cloth diapering or nursing.  I was then made aware that they offer blankets and mattress covers and was offered the chance to review one.  

The timing was perfect, so we tried out the twin sized Sustainable Wool Mattress Cover.  The wool is super soft.  It naturally inhibits bacteria and it is anti-allergenic, resistant to dust mites, molds, and mildews.  Wool also naturally absorbs moisture and is breathable, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is why it's great for cloth diapers!   

Thankfully, we haven't had to deal with any night leaks, but I love that the cover is protecting her mattress from allergens, as well as helping control keep her bed cool or warm.   It's also generously oversized for any shrinkage that will occur when washing (delicate cycle).

Organic Caboose would like to offer Strawberry Swing and Other Things readers 15% OFF Sustainable Mattress Covers (any size!) through June 30th, code STRAWBERRYSWING.

Finally, on to making the bed.  I already have shared our comforter and sheet set, but I also added the pom-pom monogramed pillow and Dalmatian spot throw.  The quilt I made her, rests at the foot so she can pull it up for a nap - if and when she ever starts taking those in her bed again.  I'd like to add some more color or pattern, but I am waiting until I hang up the art.  So this is still a bit of a work in progress.

Thankfully, the most important part in the whole big girl bed equation, is the big girl.  I'm happy to report, she loves her bed and has been sleeping great.  The transition, not only from toddler bed to twin, but changing rooms couldn't have gone smoother.  


Disclosure:  Organic Caboose generously provided us with a twin sized mattress cover in exchange for our review.  All other products mentioned were purchased independently.  All opinions stated are solely our own and Organic Caboose is a company whose mission and products we stand behind and support.


  1. Cute! I love the headboard you picked out!!

  2. aww cute! i love the throw pillows :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I'm glad she's transitioning so well! The room is really coming together. :)

  4. Have I said how much I'm loving her new room?

    I have?

    Well again. Seriously I love the pops of purple and the bunnies! Seriously the cutest!

  5. This post is perfect timing! We are also in the "Naturepedic crib mattress camp" but "holy moly, what a price jump" for her big girl bed! We bought a Full size bed as well, so the price is a huge jump! Thanks for posting this mattress - I will have to check it out. The other option I keep hearing are the mattresses from Land of Nod. Ashlynn's big girl room is coming together so sweetly!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  6. What a fantastic big girl bedding ideas and transformation you delivered here for the home and decor fans and lovers. I was hugely charmed with what you represented here with some rich bedding photos and sweet description. Definitely, I adore your beautiful job. I wanted to have some good ideas on flat sheet vs fitted sheet, but I am fully satisfied diving the deep into your bedding genius.


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