Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kenley Drew - 18 Months

I totally missed K's 17m update and I've been thinking about it ever since, but figured I'd just wait since she just seems to be changing and growing by leaps and bounds.

Her vocabulary and ability to verbally communicate has just taken off.  She'll frequently repeat words that I say and seems to add new words in daily.  She's totally at that age where she understands way more than she can say back, so I can frequently ask her somewhat complex yes or no questions and she'll say yes or no and mean it, not it just be a random reply. She loves singing and tries her hardest to get out the words to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,  Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, and Wheels on the Bus.

She also counts, not actually count, but repeats the sequence.  She's gotten up to five correctly, but I randomly will catch her pointing at letters going "siihh, eight, ten!"  She definitely knows how to count to three from Night, Night Little Pookie, but I think she's just picking up the rest from Ashlynn.

Physically, she's a beast.  She runs like a nut, can get both feet off the ground in a jump, though it's still a bit sloppy and bit of a stomp.  She's also trying her hardest to go down the stairs without sitting.  She can do it pretty well when she can grab the spindles on the railing, but she makes me as nervous as can be when it's just wall. She also said goodbye to the baby swings at the playground, only the big kid ones will do.  She also seems to understand better to not let go unlike her sister.

Me. She's re-entered a separation anxiety phase where she gets crazy upset if I even leave her sight.    Baths.  She pretty much starts undressing herself with her shirt half pulled over her head running half way up the stairs if the word is mentioned, which has lead to us spelling it now.  She's become downright obsessed with Little Einsteins, asking for "pat pat" when she wakes up.  Which is a bit embarrassing, but it's also funny because Ashlynn loved that show (still does) when she was Kenley's age.   Accessories - hats, necklaces, sunglasses, bike helmets; you name it, she wears it.  "Colors",   her speak for crayons and coloring, a favorite activity.  Taylor Swift.  She apparently knows every track off 1989 because if any song comes on she shouts "Tayy-wer".

Completely down to one nap.  She was sleeping through the night for a good stretch, going down around 7:30 and sleeping until about 7:30 in the morning which is amazing in this house.  The last week or two she's been cutting her canines so she's been up here and there, hopefully she's back all night soon.  Naps usually start sometime around 12 to 1 and can last from 2-3hours on average.

I wouldn't say she's a bad eater, but not the most well rounded.  Loves yogurt and fruit, just like big sis, and veggies and proteins can be hit of miss.  She loves beans, cheese, cereal, raisins, apples, peas, turkey, some chicken.  No fish, no pasta... and of course, easily eats peanut butter, pizza, mac and cheese, and turkey dogs.

I recently said, Kenley experiences all emotions with great intensity. And it couldn't be a better way to describe her.  She loves hard, plays hard, and tantrums hard. She is really quite something when she isn't getting her way, but she's also quite awesome when it comes to almost every thing else.  I'm so excited she's really getting to an age where she can play with her sister and participate in more activities.  I'm also mourning the fact she's really not a baby and the last of her soft squishy baby body that can still cuddle so perfectly in my lap will be a thing of the past before I know it.   Love this little biscuit.


  1. We got Ellie a swim set for her birthday and finally put it up this morning and she is a big fan of the big kid swing too! Scares me to death

  2. Goodness, I love seeing your girls together and how much fun they have! I also can't believe she's already 18 months!?? Also, do those bowls (green and blue) stick to the table?

  3. She is getting so big! I swear she was just turning one the other day, right?! Such a big girl on those swings by herself!

  4. She is getting so big! I saw the video on IG of her on the swing and she is fearless!!

  5. She's adorable! Happy 18 months!


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