Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thrills and Paint Spills

Hi!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend, we celebrated both Passover and Easter and found all the eggs the Easter Bunny left out as well as our baskets.  I finally spent last night on the phone with Apple fixing my iPhoto so I finally can access my pictures.  

Not a whole lot to report over in these parts, I have been continuing my Scandal binge nightly, we are scheduled to get new carpet for Ashlynn's room next week, we did a lot of yard work over the weekend, and enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday.  It's amazing how much easier it is being outside with the girls at their current ages.  I know next year will be even better for Kenley, but doing yardwork while they played has been impossible for the last 3 years.

Back to the carpet.  

This was after I started cleaning it up.   Basically it's a short story, since you know, tipping an almost full can of paint over only takes five nanoseconds or so. Three weekends ago now, We spent Saturday painting Ashlynn's room.  On Sunday, I went up and painted the trim and windowsills.  Later that evening, I wanted to bring the vacuum downstairs to clean the playroom, but before bringing it down, I wanted to vacuum up all the dust left over sanding the spackle.  

I started cleaning and then the Husband opened the door and let Kenley in, which I told him to take her since there were random screw drivers and such around.  He said he was taking Ashlynn and going to walk the dogs, so I picked up all the immediate dangers I could and let her jump on the bed while I cleaned.  there was a dresser in front of the closet and next to it, the empty gallon of wall paint, and I then placed the almost full gallon of trim paint on top to consolidate.  I went to vacuum inside the closet since we took out the existing wire shelving and spackled all the holes.  Kenley ran in and backed her out so I could clean.  Next thing I see from the corner of my eye is her pulling down on the can of paint.  I knew immediately it wasn't going to stay closed once it fell and as it was halfway tipped it all spilled out the bottom.  All over Kenley.

Knowing the carpet was done, I figured moving her before she spread it further was my priority.  I picked her up, and subsequently covering myself in paint and ran her across the hall to the bathroom, where I stripped us down and got her in the tub.  At this point I just started laughing.  I got her cleaned up and grabbed a towel to pick up the giant puddle of paint.  After getting her to bed and getting cartoon red face and steam ears from the husband, I just used water and vinegar to blot up and much as I could.  

The next day I steamed cleaned it by pouring water directly on it and vacuuming up.  That really seemed to help.  And while it actually looks pretty good considering how it started, we are just moving ahead and replacing it.  Once the carpet is in, we'll move the rest of her furniture in and she'll start (hopefully) sleeping in there!  As long as there are no installation delays, her first night will be appropriately on her birthday!

Ok, off to sneak in some Scandal before picking A up from school!


  1. My husband would've had the same reaction. It's still rather recent, but I'm sure the two of you will laugh about it in a few years :) Still sorry that you had to replace the carpet :(

  2. Oh, no! That's awful!! I'm sorry that happened. You've got to love life sometimes. :)

  3. It actually doesn't look that bad!! When I was a little older than A my mom rented a paint sprayer to spray our fence, she decided at the last minute to get water based paint instead of oil. I was out "helping" her when the tubing came out of the can and sprayed the whole front of my body. My mom rushed me through the house to the nearest shower. I'm convinced this was the incident in where I lost my sense of smell.

    I'm sure I've asked before, but why are you moving A into a completely new room rather than making over her current room?

  4. I love you attitude about the whole situation. Good luck with the installation!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  5. She's currently in the bedroom closer that's closest to ours, it's the smallest and it's closet stinks compared to the other room. We made that her nursery since she was 9m when we moved in and always planned the rooms at the end of the hall would be "the kids". Kenley got one by default, and now Ashlynn is getting the 3rd that we used as a guest room. And aside from that, it was only one room to makeover. If we re-did hers (including new paint, since the green doesn't go with the gray and purple) we'd still at some point have to do the guest room since it was never done. Now we can just move the guest furniture into her old room and she gets the room she'll most likely want when she is old enough to actually care.

    At least it was water based!!

  6. Honestly, it's carpet. Yes it sucks, and yes it's not cheap, but it's just a thing and thankfully it wasn't new or in the greatest of shape. SEriously, I'm still more upset about my Zella leggings (just don't tell my husband!!)

  7. I'm already laughing, he's over it, but not sure if he's quite laughing yet ;)

  8. What a mess!!! It sounds like you handled it well, though!


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