Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Child Style] Up Sizing

Ashlynn is finally growing out of the last of her 2T clothing.  I started sizing up last Fall for winter clothes, but now that the temps are getting warmer all her warm weather clothes are too small.  I've had two merchandise credits sitting my wallet for months to Carter's and to Osh Kosh, so when I received an email from ebates (sign up here!) that they were having a 50% Off everything sale + 25% Off and Free Shipping last week, I put them to use.

I first stocked up on some spring/summer jammies.  Almost all of Ashlynn's jammies are too short and the rest have already been moved to Kenley's dresser.   I love the mix and match sets and she's so excited to have a nightgown after seeing me wear one of mine a few months ago.

Then I added some clothes for school and play.  Things that I won't mind getting stained and are easily washable. I also grabbed a new pair of slip on sneakers that won't require socks, these were probably the biggest hit, she loves the hot pink - go figure. Although, I do vividly remember having a similar pair of hot pink Keds in about the third grade.  I was dying to get these sandals, but they were sold out in her size.

Lastly, I picked up another bathing suit and some "gym clothes" for her to wear to gymnastics.  They aren't required to wear leotards in her class, but I'd like her to be dressed comfortably.  And seriously, the little running shorts were too cute to pass on!

I love when I save more than I spend.  Girlfriend lucked out with the restocking of her closet, now just to paint it and put it all together!


  1. I really need to go through all of Ellie's clothes and see what I can pack away for when we adopt girl #2 (in process for boy#1 right now) because there are so many cute things out there right now. I just need to find the time to browse and choose.

  2. On one hand, it's been great that Ashlynn that is smaller and has grown at a snail's pace. She's been in 2T for almost a year. I haven't had to buy new clothes every 3 months like some people, but also, her clothes have taken a hard hit and only so many things are in condition to pass down. Almost all her leggings are stained, etc. Thankfully, it's mostly the play clothes and they are cheaper to replace.

  3. cute finds! i love those doggy jammies!

  4. Those running shorts are TOO CUTE! I love shorts on toddlers, in general, but when they mimic "grown up" clothes, I just die. Speaking of dying...when Cam is too big for Carters pajamas, I may cry a little tear...


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