Monday, April 6, 2015

[Bookworm] Pass the Coffee - Table Books

Okay, so while I clearly have an obsession with children's books, I'm a bit of a feast or famine reader for myself.  Generally, I'll spend majority of my time reading blogs, celebrity gossip, or online lifestyle sites like Refinery29.

I occasionally will read lighter chick-lit faire while on vacation or traveling, but I usually prefer non-fiction.  My favorite reads are (auto)biographies, which I suppose explains why I enjoy blogs and reality shows so much.  I also enjoy books about foods, the food industry, and lifestyles, but not so much actual cookbooks.  While I own a decent amount, there are only a few I ever actually reference since browsing the internet or Pinterest is more convenient.

Over the last few years I've done the majority of my reading on my Kindle, but there is something about having a hardback book.  I still have plenty of paperback books, but they just don't do the same work as a hardback.   Hardback books, for some reason to me, always seem easier to reference and of course, they are just prettier.  Their uses for decorating are endless. stacked on a table, color coded on a bookcase, propping up other items of decor in a vignette, the list goes on.  I vividly remember the books my mom kept displayed on the living room coffee table.  A combination of art history books, specifically centered on the art deco period, and then a Chanel book and this Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces book - which, hey Ma, it appears is worth a pretty penny now!

Since it had been a while since I actually purchased a physical book that wasn't mainly illustrated with content that rhymes, I decided a few months back to spend some money adding to our "coffee table book collection".  Since it seems every major home interior or style blogger has recently been published, I knew I wanted to read these books written by the people who's life and work I already read daily.  I searched Amazon and came across a bunch of books, bloggers, celebrities, or just other experts that I knew would be read goods and also pull the double duty of having a beautiful cover to display or reason to pick back up to reference time and time again.

I thought I'd group together some of my favorite finds in case you are looking for a few new reads that will also bring some charm to your home, even if they do collect dust.

*note: some of these are paperbacks, but are still gorgeous covers






and just a few I'd love to have 

The New York Times 36 Hours (this whole series looks awesome)
Kate Spade Collection:  Manners | Occasions | Style

So, what's on your coffee table??


  1. Love this - I'm not a big reader, but love coffee table books! Thanks for the recs :)

  2. Beautiful round-up! I admit I have been a huge sucker for gorgeously covered coffee table books. Sadly, they've all been relegated to a shelf INSIDE our china cabinet until some grubby little fingers and toes decide to stop throwing everything off the coffee table and dance on it instead. :P That Domino book is awesome. I also have a pretty sizable collection of Kelly Werstler books which hits on that Art Deco-ish style.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  3. Haha, all ours are on the bookcase and and stack on the winebar and inside the media cabinet... not actually ON the coffee table. Hoping in another year I'll be able to put them back. Aside from the ones that I recently bought that I'm actually reading, we have a bunch with photography of dogs haha, and my husband has a lot of Beatles related books which is kind of fun

  4. i have two of those 3 fashion books...i love emily and lauren! now if only i could make as much money as they do... ;)

  5. Well, you're already blonde and from southern cali, so I think you're well on your way! ;)

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