Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ashlynn at Three

I had half of this post drafted and somehow lost it.  Trying to get it all back down, probably a bit more bullet point, but just a lot of info mostly for the baby books.

Height: 35"
Weight: 29lb 2oz
Clothes: 3T all around, size 7 shoes

Pre-School Skills

Gross Motor
 - Jumps, runs, gallops (her version of skipping), forward roll, walks the balance beam.

Fine Motor
 -  Can draw lines and circles.  Attempts to write As, but look more like Hs.  Colors specific objects - Elmo red, his nose orange, Pluto yellow, Minnie's bow pink.  Loves to paint.  Plays with legos.  Appears left handed.

Self Help
 - Dresses herself, just needs help with tying shoes and zipping her jacket.  Potty trained. Drinks from a glass. Brushes teeth.


- Look and Find, Dragons Love Tacos, Daisy and Josephine, Frozen, Green Eggs and Ham,

TV Shows 
 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Sesame Street, Sofia the First, Curious George

 - Frozen, Tangled

 -  Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and of course, Frozen and Disney songs.

- Yogurt and fruit (she'd live off of both if I let her). Annie's macaroni and cheese, cheddar bunnies, cereal, quesadillas, peanut butter and fluff.

 - Dress up, MagiClip princesses, puzzles (loves this 48 piece one), indoor slide and trampoline, blocks and Duplo ice cream set.


 Screen time - tv or "games" (educational apps) on the kindle fire
 Stuffed animals (bunnies).
 Playing outside, climbing and slides.
 All things girly - painting nails, accessories, and chapstick.

 Bugs, she's bordering on a full on phobia.
 Never wants to take a bath, but doesn't mind once in.
 Rarely eats any animal protein.
 Going to bed.
 Naps. Doesn't take them.

Funny Quotes/Stories

- We love olives, so one evening when we we eating a few before dinner, Ashlynn asked what it was and wanted to try.  She spat it out and said "I don't like olives" and we told her "maybe when you're older."   Now she says "maybe when I'm older" to anything she doesn't like - buffalo sauce,

- She used to love spinach, but after trying salad once, she saw spinach in her veggie lasagna, picked it out and said "I don't like salad".

- "I just already went to the bathroom"... pretty much, "just already" to anything she's done.

- Once she was brushing my hair and saw my tiny hoop earring at the top of my ear (it's been there for years and I seriously can not remove it, needs to be cut, but I'm afraid the cartilage won't close).  She asked what it was and I told her an earring, she said she wanted earrings.  I told her maybe when she was older and she said ".. like olives".

-  A few weeks ago I tried teaching her how to interrupt politely instead of just trying to talk over whomever I am talking to.  I told her she needs to come over and touch my arm and that I'll know she wants to talk.  I told her to ask, "may I speak, please?" She started coming over and grabbing my cheeks and bringing my face to hers asking "may I please speak?".  I've gotten her to stop grabbing my face, but now she just asks "may I speak?" every time she wants to say something when other people are around, conversation or not.

Our sweet Ashie, while she's loving testing limits and pushing buttons, she's as sweet as they come.  She uses manners, saying please and thank you at the table and when in public, and the whole "may I speak" thing above.  She's generally shy around new people, but warms up quickly if they are friendly and engaging.  Her teacher has said she's really come out of her shell, interacting and participating in class. She's a good listener and generally follows the rules, always holds my hand in parking lots and has a good sense of right and wrong.  She's starting to have more imaginative play, more being creative with objects and less role playing with dolls.  She has an amazing memory.  Still talks about Santa, when she gave up her binky, and just today she talked about a dress she wore to her grandparents' house on Father's Day, last year.

Aside from the annoying wanting whatever toy her sister is holding and trying to grab it, she's learning to ask "Sissy, when you are done, may I have a turn?" almost always ends with Kenley just handing over whatever it is instead of the crying, fighting, pulling, and pushing. She's also just a great big sister.  Which probably is super cliche, but she genuinely loves her sister.  She always comes in on her own, when I'm getting Kenley ready for bed to give her hugs and kisses.  She tries to comfort her when she's upset, and plays tattletale lookout for me when K is getting into trouble behind my back.  Aside from pushing buttons and doing things she's knows she's not allowed, like jumping on the couch so her sister will join in (monkey see, monkey do is strong over here), she generally tries to teach her sister good habits.  Or bosses her around, whichever way you want to take it.

Aside from cleaning up her toys, she's very neat and get's upset if things aren't where they are supposed to be, or if we do things out of order.  She wants to do everything she can by herself, and if you try to help tears usually ensue.

I can't believe three years have gone by.  I love watching her personality develop and seeing her experience things for the first time.  I feel incredibly blessed to be this sweet girl's mom.  


  1. I can't believe she's THREE!! What a cutie pie and super smart, apparently. ;)

  2. I meant to write a disclaimer, but remember "rose colored glasses". Of course this post is coming off braggy, because i'm not going list all the things she needs improvement on or go on about the things that drive me nuts and sound like I am ungrateful (like the fact she talks and talks and talks, when I know other parents might long for a quiet child to speak more) . Plus, I like to think parent's only remember the good stuff. My mom can't remember if protested bedtime or if had a public meltdowns, and I already can't remember lots of little things from babyhood. Selective memory :)

  3. NO! Not braggy at all!!! I just love reading how much these kids have grown and learned! They are literally sponges, and I love it! Cam is almost three, so it's fun to "compare" them (loosely), and watch them grow together. :)

  4. I can feel the love coming out of this post. What a cool kid!! And she's neat--- bonus points!!

  5. aw I loved reading all about her! more or less the same thing over here...and isn't it crazy how much they remember?!?


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