Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Decor Tricks Learned

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I finished reading The Perfectly Imperfect Home and learned a few new things about interiors and styling.  I thought I'd share a few of things I took away.

> Linens <

While I rarely skimp on our duvets, down comforters, or pillows, all of our current sheet sheets are from Target.  I just can't bring myself to spend so much money on sheets when there are so many other things to buy.  Also, because I have a hard time really telling the difference - thread count, silk, Egyptian cotton, percale vs sateen, etc. when shopping

Deborah Needleman, founding editor of Domino Magazine and author of the book, first says the percale cotton is cooler than sateen, which is obviously insightful for which is better for summer vs winter.  Also, that the highest quality sheeting is Italian made with Egyptian cotton.  And that a higher thread count isn't indicative of a better quality sheet, that the higher the count the heavier the sheet.

> Slipper Chair <

I loved the history lessons involved in the book, where and when different styles and trends started and why.  A simple one that stuck with with me was the history of a slipper chair.

"An armless chair whose defining feature was upholstery covering all wood parts so women could slip on their stockings with snagging them."

> Sofas and Seating <

While the book provided a lot of information about seating in living areas in regards to how much, what kind, and the placement, there was one note that 'regardless how big your sofa is, it's rare that more than three people will together on it'.  So true!

> Lighting <

Another tip that I realized made sense and probably knew without knowing the rule was about table lighting height.  'When placing a lamp on an end table, make sure the bottom of the shade is below eye level when you're sitting down.'  This is so you don't see the inside of the lamp when sitting down.  The higher the table, the lower the lamp.  Same for lamps on nightstands.

> Cozy vs Formal <

Lastly, a formula for seating.  Two deep chairs and one upright create a cozy space, while two upright and one deep create a formal.

Obviously nothing life shattering, and there was a lot more in depth discussions on every room in the house and how styling - rugs, decorative objects, furniture, lighting, etc - falls into place, these were just a few of the quick tips I remembered and left a impression.

Do you have a favorite decorating rule or interesting tidbit??


  1. I read The Nesting Place last summer and it was seriously revolutionary in my style/design ways of thinking. One of the biggest takeaways I got was to TRY any idea that I think up. Nothing is permanent and if I hate something, I can always change it back or try something else. I've learned to stop agonizing over decor decisions and really enjoy it more instead! My house looks completely different since reading her book. It totally inspired me.

  2. oh love these - I'll be checking that book out when we buy our first place!

  3. Great tips Erinn! I'm trying to redecorate our living room a bit so I'll have to check out that book.
    XO Kelly

  4. Interesting! I had no idea about any of these. I'm decorating illiterate!

  5. I'm reading The Nesting Place now and really am enjoying it so far. I'm hoping I'll be inspired to rethink what we have and like you said, just start giving things a shot.

  6. i just try to copy everything on fixer that show!


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