Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Review] BOON SUDS - Caution Ahead: Men Doing Housework

A few weeks back I was contacted by my friends at Boon asking if we'd like to test their newest product, a bottle washer.   As I was reading the email, I was already writing out my reply email in my head, regretfully declining the opportunity as we are out of the bottle washing phase.  Of course, as I continued reading I saw that it was designed with the contraption at bar sinks in mind.. and that it would wash sippy cups and even stemware just as great as baby bottles.

The Boon SUDS bottle washer is marketed as follows:

And then, it hit me!  Almost every night, I have to listen to my husband bitch about the insane amount of sippy cups piled up for him to wash at the edge of the sink.  It's usually four, a water and milk cup for each girl, give or take if I found any floaters in the car or playroom from the previous day.  Considering I'm the one filling them up all day, washing their plates, bowls, and tiny spoons, as well as wiping butts (totally playing that card), he can pitch in by rinsing and washing a few cups when he gets home.  And that's when I realized this product was the perfect for him!  Something to make his nightly cup washing a bit easier, and therefore, here is his review!

My wife can attest to the fact that I'm a world class complainer, and one of the things I used to complain about most was coming home after a long day at the office to a sink full of dirty cups and bottles.  That is my only chore during the week and I admit that it was not one of my favorite things.  I could never understand how two kids could use more than 3-4 cups in a single day.  Well one night my wife looked up from her laptop (a surprise in itself) and said, I just made your life so much easier.  I said, tell me more about that.  And she told me about this awesome product that Boon recently came out with that makes washing cups and bottles easy.  I was excited to try something that would make shoving my average sized man hands into a tiny plastic cup to scrub easier, and more importantly, faster.  

I have sports stats to catch up on.

We've been purchasing Boon products since the girls were little, so I know they come out with items that look modern and actually work well.  Once I got my hands on this SUDS product, I was convinced that my days of coming home and complaining about my only chore were over.  It really is as simple as it's marketed.  Put some soapy water in the basin and cup on the pump, and get to cleaning.  Water shoots up into the cup while the bristles scrub the sides.  

The more you wash, the more suds are created.  Which is a nice place to corral all the ridiculous amount of pieces that sippy cups come with.   I'm also told it's quick and easy to put together and store away, as well as dishwasher safe.  

This is a great product and it is incredibly easy and effective.  Thank you Boon for making my life better and easier!

A big thanks to the husband for always cleaning the sippies, reading the bedtime stories, and writing this review.  Now excuse me, I'm off to pour my man a glass of wine!

Thanks Boon for my the husband's surprise!

Additionally, I think I have discovered a new marketing angle to promote.... if models can sell cheeseburgers by rolling around on wet cars in bikinis, I think Boon might spike in sales if they advertise men washing sippy cups in business attire?  Amiright?!  ;)

Boon graciously sent us the SUDS bottle washer for our review, all opinions and experiences are solely our own. Boon SUDS can be found exclusively at Target and


  1. ok. we need this. by "we" i obviously mean my husband. i hope your husband always wears such fancy clothes while doing the dishes :)

  2. Looks awesome for getting all the gunk out!! And yeah, choreplay is a real thing!

  3. OMG, *choreplay* that's hysterical!

  4. Haha... no middle ground for that man. Either dapper and fancy or total schlub in worn out tees and sweats.

  5. That man of yours is a keeper! Dish washer extrordinaire and he even wrote a blog post! Pour that man another glass of wine!

  6. My husband has a contraption like this for cleaning/sanitizing beer bottles (for home brew), I should sneak a few bottles in the mix and put that guy to work. And/or send him this post so he can see HE should also be washing bottles... Ugh. :)

  7. Great gaget! I love your comment about the burger commercials v. husbands washing dishes. Oh the things that make women swoon! Haha

  8. Why didn't I think of making Nate write my review??? And more importantly, I need to make washing various dishes HIS responsibility. Love this. Yes.


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