Friday, March 27, 2015

Life, Thoughts, and Stuff

I'm running somewhere between a list of ten things I want to post about and equally parts lack of inspiration, writer's block.

- I want to do another Sister/Sister post since it's been a good 3+ months since my last and that's typically how far they've been spaced.  Although, I've really slacked in picking up my DSLR since the holidays and yesterday my iPhoto crashed and I can't pull the pics from there until I restore it or rebuild it, fun, can't wait!  (pray I didn't lose photos, I back everything up, but I still freak out since I'm not that great with that side of tech stuff)

- I have Kenley's 16 Month update to prepare for next week.  I can't believe she's 16 months, Ashlynn was 19 months when Kenley was born and seemed like such a person.  Although I do remember she wasn't speaking in simple sentences, or barely two words together, she was totally able to communicate and "help" me with the baby.

- Giving up cable has been amazing.  We technically still have a box in our room, but it's going back most likely in a week or two.  Usually we binge watch shows together on the weekend, but it's always been shows we both want to watch.  Not shows, I want to watch.  So now that I'm almost caught back up on The Mindy Project, through The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt, I've started Scandal - yeah, I know I'm behind and hopefully will throw in some Downton Abbey next.   This may also be why blogging motivation has been down.

- I should probably catch up and document the never-forgetful paint spill scenario, it has "story to be retold" all over it.  I know it's going to be one of those "... and my sister sabotaged my brand new room with a full can of paint" or "hide the paint,  Kenley is coming!".  But really, do they sell toddler insurance??

- We ordered a Pottery Barn sofa for the living/play room back in January, they were having a big sale 20%-25% depending on how much you spend event. We were able to get the Cameron Sofa for an amazing deal. We ordered the everyday velvet in carbon.  While I love a light colored couch, it's just not realistic with two dogs and two kids.  We are trying to train the dogs to say off this one, but still, being that we spend most of the day in the living room, it's going to get it's share of abuse.  It's so soft and comfortable.

- Finally, the winners of the BoomBoom Prints giveaway!  Congratulations to... 
  • Becca Ramsey
  • LaTanya Thornhill 
  • Kim Bauer 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, we'll be dying some eggs tonight and spending time with our nieces over the weekend. 


  1. LOVE the couch. Ours are so beat up, but with another little babe I keep telling myself to wait until Aubrey's at LEAST two before we get another.. sigh..

  2. The couch looks great! Nice choice!

    And yes, the paint story needs a post of its own :p

  3. Nice couch! I've seen pictures, but a full paint story would be amazing! And, I'm sure it gets funnier with time, right?! ;) We just got Netflix, and we are hooked. I want to get rid of cable, but we love sports too much, and I hate not having the guide tell me what's on during commercials....#firstworldproblems. Have a great weekend!!

  4. We're slowly getting on board with binge watching shows, it's definitely the way to go (but leads to some late nights when we just have to see what happens next)!! :) Love that couch, looks great. Have a great weekend!! :)

  5. Love the couch! :) I am feeling a lack of time right now too, it's hard not to feel like there's not enough timE! I don't know how bloggers post (almost) every day! We love binge watching shows on netflix and we've actually been talking about getting rid of cable also.... we just signed a contract, so when that's up it'll be it for us!

    The pain scenario needs a post of it's own. Oh my gosh I would have died!

  6. Scandal is so good! You will love it. I'm also loving the other Shonda shows too - Greys and How to Get Away with Murder. If you have time, definitely watch HTGAWM!


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