Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kenley Drew - 15 Months

Well, 15 months have come and gone.  We have quite the independent and curious toddler on our hands who just longs to be like her big sister.    She had her 15m check up on Monday and clocked in at 20lb 15oz (44%), 30.25" (35%), and not sure the head, but 25%, which is basically the exact curve she's been on, so growing steadily along.  She also has a surprise ear infection.  She has been cutting her molars, so she's been a bit clingy this past week, but she really hasn't had any other symptoms.  She had a day or two of a low grade fever, 100 and less, and no cold symptoms.  I just assumed the attachment to mama was because of her teeth not her ears.  Of course today her nose was a faucet, but she's on antibiotics, hopefully she'll feel better soon.

Not going to keep up with the list now that her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  Still lots of pointing and grunting/mumbling, and most words are probably only distinguishable to me, but I can completely make out her requests for yogurt (gurt/go-gurt... while trying her hardest to open the fridge), blueberries (boo, boo), or bananas (ban... while trying to climb the kitchen chairs to get them from the bowl on the table).  She also correctly and enthusiastically nods her head 'yes' and shakes her head 'no' to communicate her needs.  Speaking of communication, while she doesn't enjoy diaper changes, she does like being my helper.  She'll reach for the wipes packet and I'll ask her to open it, give me one, and close it and she obliges.    It's probably more of a routine than actually counting, but it's cute and helps her lay still.

She's starting to enter the phase where she likes sorting shapes and attempting puzzles with a bit more effort.  I always try to get Ashlynn to "help" her, but naming the colors or shapes since it's good for both of them and Kenley just wants to be with A at all times.   She's a climber, constantly climbing on stools, chairs, sitting on her play table, dancing on the coffee table (too soon!).  Going down the slide backwards, on her tummy, or any other daredevil activities.  Also learning to go down the stairs, the problem is she just wants to back up when at the bottom.

Loves:  Basically everything from last month still applies. Music. Loves dancing.. specifically swirling her hips like she has a hula hoop.   She also spins in circles and loves getting dizzy, she'll also drop it low to "Black Widow".   Still obsessed with brushing her teeth.  When we are upstairs, as soon as I turn my back she's making a mad dash for her bathroom and climbing up the stool reaching for the toothbrushes.  She also likes to brush her hair.  Dress up, even though she trips over most of the princess dresses.  Still loves Mickey, teddy bears, and people in general. 

She also LOVES books.  She'll sit snuggled in my lap for long stretches of time if I keep reading to her.  She also loves bathtime.

Hit or miss.  On average, I still have to go in once or twice either just for a paci grab or a few minute cuddle.  But occasionally she wake more, or even sleep through the night.  Naps are in transition still.  Depending on the previous night's sleep, she'll take one or two. 

Loves blueberries and bananas.  Turkey (ground or deli), peas, green beans, and peanut butter.  Also bean quesadillas, waffles, egg salad, pizza, mac and cheese.  And yogurt.

Does not like American cheese, is seriously offended if you offer it to her, not a fan of pasta either. Who are you?

The girls really have started playing together more recently.  Of course, there is still plenty of crying, grabbing, and occasional pushing, but they really seem to enjoy each other's company even if just sitting side by side playing with princesses, puzzles, or making a mess together of the dress up bin.  Kenley is never too far behind Ashlynn, and the sweet hugs and kisses they'll give each (when playing nice) melts me every time.

Love these girls.


  1. Such sweet girls, love seeing their bond!

  2. Where are the cute step stools from?

  3. Hi Carol! They were both gifts from my MIL's friends. I'm not sure where they ordered them from, but I'm pretty sure sites like personalization mall have them. Do a google search for personalized step stool and a few options should come up!

  4. Could those two be any cuter? I love that they are friends. I hope Mac and Mim will be friends and be able to play together someday soon. K seems like such a big kid these days. I can't believe that she doesn't like pasta. I thought all kids loved pasta!


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