Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bunny Hop

Yesterday was the St. Patty's Day that wasn't.  Kenley wasn't even in green, save her tiny little bow she ripped out.  We celebrated with store bought (yet delicious) soda bread and some green beans at dinner.   Ashlynn was at least shamrock ready for school, but overall, this was the first St. Patrick's Day in a long time that we didn't do much, that's okay.   We still enjoyed reading Green Eggs and Ham at bed.

I was able to get all our sale items dropped off after I dropped A off at school.  I scored some awesome chinoiserie ginger jars at a local thrift shop.  Can't wait to get them up, after I get the St.Patty's decor taken down.

The weather is supposed to turn this weekend, but it's been so nice the past few days.  I can't wait for Spring to really arrive. Blue skies and warm sunshine is definitely what is needed around here.

Ashlynn's headboard, bedding, and sheets arrived, just need to get the mattress ordered and room painted.  She's going to love all the bunny stuff I've been collecting.

Speaking of bunnies, I'm dying over these shoes!

Guess it's time to tell the Easter Bunny to get the Easter baskets in order!


  1. Oh my. Those bunny chucks! I fell through with st. Patrick's day also, no one wore green. Easter is more my jam though :)

  2. We may have barely been a little more festive for St. Patty's, and that's only because my husband and I threw back an Irish car bomb like we were 21 again, but kept it classy and only did one.
    Ah bunny shoes!! Seriously. :)

  3. Those... blue and white jars... are to die for.


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