Monday, February 2, 2015

Kenley Drew - 14 Months

Kenley turned 14 months old last Friday.  She started cutting her upper molars this month and it looks like the left side bottom is about to cut any day.  

"Elsa" (says E)
B (for bink)
Animal Sounds (moo, woof woof, quack, roar, and sssss for snake)

Loves:  Music. Loves dancing.. specifically swirling her hips like she has a hula hoop.   She also spins in circles and loves getting dizzy.   My favorite is when she claps when songs she's familiar with come on  - Taylor Swift, Hozier, Nick Jonas, and Bruno Mars ---  yes, that's right she claps excitedly to "Take Me to Church", ha.    Brushing her teeth.  When we are upstairs, as soon as I turn my back she's making a mad dash for her bathroom and climbing up the stool reaching for the toothbrushes.  She also likes to brush her hair.  Dress up, even though she trips over most of the princess dresses.  Still loves Mickey, teddy bears, and people in general. Last week, she ran over and gave Ashlynn's teacher a hug from across the school.  #shedoesntevengohere

This month it was diaper changes and the car.  Lots of tears from the back seat and the craziest alligator wrestling I've had to do yet for diapers.  Oh and pasta?!

Still about the same,  wakes every few hours for her paci.  However, I did start reinstating a bit of sleep training because it was getting out of hand.  Since that, it seems she is getting in longer stretches.  This last week in particular she's starting transitioning to one nap.  We just haven't found that sweet spot of when it needs to be.  If she wakes up early between 5-6am and I put her down between 9-10, she might nap for 90min at most and then is up the rest of the day.  And then she's ready for bed at like 6:30.  I need to find the right nap time so she can go to bed a bit later and hopefully sleep a bit later. 

Starting to get a bit pickier.  I think it might have also been due to the teeth.  She might be the only baby (or person in our family) who doesn't like pasta.  Like feeds the dogs tortellini and gnocchi and if I make regular pasta she's not into it either, unless it's Annie's Mac & Cheese, then she's all in.  She eats a lot fruit, starting to get a little pickier about her veggies, peanut butter is an easy go to, and I replaced puffs with this cereal since it has more nutrition. And it kind of tastes like fruit loops too. 

Does:  This kid is a climber.  Like actually smart enough (or maybe I'm not giving her enough credit) that she'll pull out the baskets in the bookshelf to give herself a lift so she can reach things on the top.  Routinely sitting on tables.  Jumping.  Well, not quite making it off the ground, but on the trampoline she's able to get her feet up in the air.  

She loves her sister, will give her hugs and kisses on command and Ashlynn loves playing mommy lately, telling her "there, there, sissy, we are almost home" when she's crying in the car and always bringing her blankie and bears when left behind.  I love seeing them play together, even it doesn't last that long before some pulling, pushing, and screaming starts.  Love these girls.


  1. Gah! 14 months! Where did the baby go?! And I love that Elsa is part of her vocab. Smart girl. I love it!

  2. So so sweet!! I have a giveaway going on today! Check it out!

  3. Seriously right. My favorite though is the baby jibberish. So much cuter than the bossy toddler talk. ;)

  4. Such a smart little lady ... And a cute one!!!

  5. her little outfit with the scarf..swoon!


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