Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five

So much random today...

1.  When I prodded Ashlynn some more for some bedroom inspiration, like what colors she wanted she answered,

"White.  Gray.  White and gray."  (my girl!)
(long pause)
"And red, purple, and green.  And pink"

Me:  "Do you like polka dots?"
A:  "No.  No polka dots.  I don't like them."
Me;  "Do you like stripes?"
A: "yeahhhh, I like stripes."

Aside for her dislike of polka dots(?) she's making this a breeze.  Luckily, there are some blatant bunny prints out there if I go in that direction.  I figure she is only 3, might as well make it fun for her, hopefully I can class it up bit.  As much as you can 'class' up a bunny room ;)

2.   I finally got myself a new wallet during the Kate Spade Secret Sale last week.  It was basically 60% off and I've had my outofdate lovely black on black Coach signature wallet for easily over 10 years.  It only has 6 card slots and considering I have probably 20 some cards, between credit/debit, rewards, gift, and IDs (medical, library, gym, etc) I've really been wanting to switch over to a wallet with twelve.  I rarely carry cash or my checks, so it's unnecessary.

I'm going to send in my wallet, along with some other unused bags to ThredUp who is wrapping up their "BagUp" promotion where you receive 100% of the sale price on all bags accepted.  I actually received over $80 for the matching Coach tote I sent in a few months back, which I was pretty sure they weren't even going to accept.  Worth the shot.  You can sign up and request your BagUp donation bag here!  You'll also receive a $10 credit to spend by using the referral link.

3.  Speaking of 'treat yo'self', Land's End is having their Friends and Family Sale.  You can sign up here with my member link to receive an email for $25 OFF your purchase over $75 and you can use Friend's and Family code SHARE30 and Pin 1001, just in case you need a pair of booties too!

4.  I love this jewelry organization set up.  I'm in the process of trying to get mine neatly all together in my closet and this was great inspiration.  I just need finish a few more things and I'll finally get my closet pictures together!

5.  The weather can stop it now.  Seriously.


  1. ahh i still want those booties! so cute. xo jillian

  2. those shoes are great! can't bring myself to actually use the word, "booties".

  3. Love that new wallet, I was eyeing up a Kate Spade one similar yesterday! I really need a new one also haha

  4. Ooh I love that wallet!! Nice choice!

    I'm just starting to learn more about thredup. I have an obsession with selling my stuff so I should probably get on that!

  5. Happy Friday!! STOP making those booties so tempting.. :) Oh that jewelry organization, so beautiful. Can't wait to see your closet.

  6. Love those booties! I have a similar pair by Sam Edelman with fringe and I LOVE them. Seriously want them in all the colors!

  7. Those booties, soooo cute!

  8. I didn't know thredUP did that with bags! I have some old Coach purses that I haven't used in forever that I should send in. Hey, worth a shot! Thanks for letting us know!

  9. Beautiful wallet! The lavender one is gorgeous.

  10. Love the booties!! I am going to have to try thread up!! Just found your blog and Love it
    Chelsea @

  11. Her room will be precious I am sure of it. And she's lucky, it seems like bunnies are trending right now! :) I soo need to organize my jewelry it's such a mess right now.. more hours, just more hours in the day!!!!!

  12. I am so excited to see what you come up with for A's new room! Bunnies are perfect for her.

    I have quite a few things I want to get rid of in my closet. In thinking that threadup might be the right direction. I guess anything I can make off my clothes is better than nothing with them taking up space!


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