Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spend vs Save - Seaside Style

It's no surprise what's been on my mind lately.  I think 4 out of 5 posts are related to decorating. Those who are here for the baby updates, apologies, and those who were here for this stuff prior to kid stuff taking over, again, apologies. 

Of course, in my search for things to add or make mental notes of for our home, I've come across lots of high and low look-a-likes.  

I actually saved this blue coral diptych last week when scouring art pieces.  I'm always drawn to blues and sea themes, I later found this great framed coral art, but was able to find a great dup on etsy for a frame I already own .  I ordered it last night!

We already own a Pottery Barn Beachcomber tray, and I would love to add a similar style basket (or two) on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in our family to store blankets and conceal some toys and books. But I definitely don't want to spend the Pottery Barn price for a basket.  These container store ones are the perfect replacement for a fraction of the price.

The drapes are fairly self explanatory (high / low), I'm actually looking for similar ones, but in indigo or navy.  I ordered the ones I previously mentioned from Nordstrom, but they were too short... I forgot we had a sunken family room, oops. 

And lastly, the mirrors (high / low).  We decided we are putting the dining room on an indefinite hold until the floors are put in, but I still would love to hand a simple circle mirror over a sideboard and flank it with some sconces we have in storage.  Someday. 

Have you saved on anything lately?


  1. ohh i love these picks and the low vs high options! xo jillian

  2. it's crazy how well you can imitate a pottery barn look these days! i'm all about finding a good knock off. ps i just was browsing their catalog last night and died over how much their baskets were ($100?!) and i thought to myself...i could get that at HomeGoods for $25!

  3. I love finding décor that it almost the exact same thing for less! I pretty much did that with our whole house!! XO Kelly

  4. I'm loving these home decor posts that you're doing lately! :) I love the drapes, I'm looking for similar one's for my living room so this helps! xo

  5. I really like those mirrors! I want to get a wooden mirror for the nursery and they could work but the world market one is sold out now! Have you come to the Pottery Barn outlet in Lancaster? I live super close to it and get so much stuff there.

  6. There is a great wooden circle mirror at Target right now I'm trying to not buy. I want it for our dining room... which is totally an empty room that we said we wouldn't focus on (yet). I actually haven't be to the PB outlet, I live super close to the Philadelphia Outlets, which has a Restoration Hardware, but it's really not that fantastic. And the things I like I usually still priced too high. We had a friend who used to work at PB part time and did most of her house on the employee discount. She was able to buy furniture for her brother at the PB Outlet in Long Island for a fraction of the price, like entire dining room and sofa chairs, etc. I really should make the trip out!

  7. I literally have spent half my time this week scouring the internet for the perfect curtains, of course the ones I want are way too expensive!

  8. Seriously, homegoods to the rescue!


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