Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sick Days

Today Ashlynn is taking a sick day from school since she was diagnosed with a double ear infection yesterday after being up most of Tuesday night complaining her ears hurt and then battling some high fevers yesterday.  She seems on the mend, but keeping her home so she can recoup and get better.  I swear it feels like these kids have been sick since Thanksgiving, probably because they have.

We seem to be in a constant rotation of sniffles, coughs, and fevers around here.  Thankfully nothing to damaging (as in a case of the pukes), but still draining nonetheless.  Between the two of them of I've been up a handful of times each night for a month, blowing noses, getting blankets, finding pacis, and rubbing backs.  I finally broke out my diffuser this week, silly me putting it away before the holidays and therefore forgetting to use it.  Hoping the OnGuard running during the day is building our immunities (at least mine!) and running Serenity last night finally seemed to let Kenley get some more solid sleep.

Add in the near record low temps of 8 degrees or whatever it is (and trust me, I realize that's warm for any folks in the mid-west or new england area) we seem to be getting serious cases of cabin fever too.

Unrelated, I'm ever since packing up Christmas the weekend after I've been on a mission to start completing some of the rooms around our house, or at least, get moving on doing some of the smaller projects.  I'll share tomorrow some of the little things we did over break and sneak peek of the master bathroom.  It's all done except for the backordered light fixture and the glass for the shower surround.

I'm also trying to be better just organizing myself.  I know a lot of bloggers get the big organizer journals, like the Erin Condren or Emily Ley planners, but I've never felt like I could drop the money on a planner that might not be functional to me. I feel like I'd be super into filling it out the first month, then trail off because it'd be too much work to keep up with instead of just daily lists.  I'm a HUGE list maker, I go through at least four  little Greenroom notebooks from Target a year (which might add up to the price of a fancy planner), but I find it's a quick way that works for me.  I recently read about Bullet Journals and actually feel like this is a way I can implement more organization, since it's basically what I already do between my monthly calendar notepad and list journal.

Does anyone use the Bullet Journaling technique?  Any tips?


  1. Sickness is terrible. Ellie had her first throw up this weekend and I was so sad for her! Tell me more about your diffuser! I'm super interested in something like that to help Ellie sleep better at night...

  2. Aww, hope she feels better soon! I still need to buy a diffuser. My friend had one and they are so awesome!

  3. I linked the diffuser we have above, but there are cheaper options out there, just make sure it's for essential oils. A has only puked twice, once when she had the concussion and another time when her dinner didn't sit right. Thankfully no flu bugs yet.

  4. I love our diffuser, I had packed it away in cabinet when company came over and then of course stopped using it. Wish I brought it out sooner, but at least my husband and I feel 100% (knock on wood) and K's cold doesnt' seem to be hitting like A's did.

  5. Awww! I hope she feels better!
    I use my notepad in my iPad and whatever planner I have for the year for blogging since I have a separate planner for work. So I think that a green room planner would work great! I had one last year and LOVED it.

  6. Endless sickness is the WORST, hope you guys are on the up and up soon. And i'm a list maker but not a 'planner' person---I just use my iPhone to make lists, which probably makes me very uncool but it works for me!

  7. See, I hate using my phone for typing. I'm terrible with texts (I'm always short and usually stop responding after a few exchanges) and I'll keep a few lists on there, but usually small things for the kids - quotes, monthly highlights. My actually "to-do's" I write. I love getting to cross things off, but I also always have like 5 different lists with half the items repeated on at least 2 or 3. And I keep a physical calendar with appts and blog ideas too. It's not a bad system, just not really an efficient system.


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