Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kenley Drew - 13 Months

Kenley turned 13 months old last week, and continuing with the second child syndrome, I won't be continuing Kenley's monthly photos.  However,  I'm going to continue with updates in the same style I did Ashlynn's toddler months for comparison sake.  

"Elsa" (says E)

Climbing, running, stomping, dancing.  MagiClip Princesses, her blankie,  bathtime, and cuddling after waking up . Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, and Sandra Boynton Books, specifically ones with cows (just like Ashlynn) and the Going to Bed Book.  Itsy Bitsy Spider, Taylor Swift, and Let it Go. Minnie Mouse and running into the mudroom at any chance to play in basket of shoes.  

Having things taken from her, especially if ripped from her hands by a toddler.  Being put down if you are holding her, not being fed quick enough, being put into her car seat.  Having face or nose wiped.

Wakes every few hours for her paci.  Goes down pretty easy for naps. Naps twice, 830-10 and 1-2. Needs her blankie and bink, and usually her bear.

More than me!

(typical day)
Breakfast - milk, waffle, handful of fruit (berries)
Lunch - turkey or pb sandwich (broken up bite size), banana, cheese stick.
Snack - yogurt, puffs, leftovers
Dinner - whatever we are eating. 

Does:walks, runs, climbs, tries to jump by bouncing (can actually get feet up on trampoline).  Turns on TV/obsessed with the remotes (or motorboats as Ashlynn calls them).   Uses a fork (not very well). Scribbles with crayons, and attempts to draw with closed cap markers on the chalkboard.  Copies everything her sister does, claps when daddy's favorite songs come on. 

I really love this stage of baby/toddler hood.  I'm trying to be in the moment the best I can and enjoy the late night (and early morning) snuggles since I know they'll be over in a blink of the eye.  At the same time, I'm so excited to watch the bond between sisters bloom.  I hope this year doesn't go by too quick!

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  1. Sweet sissies, such cuties!!!! Love that she eats more than you!!!!!! :)


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