Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Insta-spired... Photo Dump

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Just another instagram dump so I can get some room back on my phone.  

Love the simple holiday mantle, sometimes less is more. Some great uses for essential oils for the winter months.  I love saving pictures like that so I actually can reference it when needed! Cute and organized workspace.  I think tortellini soup in on the menu, especially because of the snap next to it :)

Have you checked out Kate Spade Saturday?  I'm a bit late to the party, but really love some of the items.  I've been looking for some hanging plants, love this geometric air plant holder.  Gray Malin, already mentioned his photography last week, but this is where I found him.  And then note to self, if I want to own his art, I'll probably go by way of Lauren Conrad and get his cell phone case.  Also note to self, upgrade phone because my iPhone4 is older than Ashlynn. 

Frozen cookies, in case we get a party request in a few weeks.  And the interior shots, that reflect my true style.  I'm trying to make a concerted effort into investing in pieces that make our home OUR home, and not a pinterest, blog, or instagram home (ironic?).  I know chinoiserie is a current trend, but it's something I've always liked since I was long (we had a vase on our piano I still remember and some other pieces from my grandmother) added with that, my love of blues and navy as a timeless neutral, I'm trying to gather inspiration.

What have been your favorite IG accounts lately?


  1. Love that desk/worlspaec! All i can think about is an office area for when we move.

  2. lol i love the "the air hurts my face"... i totally thought that when i lived in chicago. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's camera feed is half kids, half IG pics :) loved these!

  4. Megan posts the BEST looking recipes! I seriously screen shot almost every one.

  5. Okay, these roundups are the greatest! I love the idea, and I love the people you find!


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