Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Around the house

After the Christmas tree came down, I couldn't wait to clear all the clutter from our home and start making some long overdue updates and re-organizing things from where I previously organized them, so I can promptly forget where I put them and feel as if I need to organize again in the Spring.  ;)

When we ordered the light fixture for our master bathroom, we also finally grabbed the pendant we wanted for our eat in kitchen.  Nothing earth shattering or on the cutting edge interior decor, just a trendy filament bulb globe glass pendant.  We love it and already feel inspired to continue making the very needed updates to our poorly DIY'd by previous owner kitchen.

Another thing that has bothered me forever is our mantle.  I would love to get a reclaimed wood mantle to replace it, or cover it, but in the mean time, we decided to stain it from the orangey tone to a weathered gray to fit in a bit more with the book case and mirror over the sofa. 

We sanded it lightly and did a few coats of stain.  It didn't take as well as we would have liked, but it was nice color fix while we wait to find the right piece of wood to make the full makeover.  Next up, is finding the right art and accessories for the mantle.

We also started the annoying task of little reward of repainting all our doors and trim.  The back of our front door was pretty beat up and the new baseboards we put down after installing the floor didn't match.  So we painted the door to give it that fresh pop, and now we want to fix all the rest trim just to give it that clean, fresh feel.  The sad part is that it will barely be noticeable to anyone, including us, but still something that should be done to give the house a bit of new life.

The last task is finally getting the curtains for our bedroom so we can hang them and subsequently hang frames and art.  And I'm also planning on updating my closet since the shelving has been broke since we moved in and it's a total disorganized mess, which is pretty unlike me.  I'm looking to simplify and have a nice clean organized space.

What are your January to-dos?


  1. Love the lights your orderd and excited to see all of the changes you're making!

  2. LOVE the light!!!!! This is the best time of year for things like this - getting the bug my way too! XO

  3. Painting/replacing all our baseboard is on our 2015 to do list too. I absolutely loved your closet makeover in your last home and am looking forward to the new one. I really need to makeover our closet and your last one has been a huge inspiration. I just need to find a corner shelf unit I can afford!!

    Ps. Love the light!

  4. I love that light fixture and I love seeing all the updates you guys do! Make me want to move so I can make some changes too! :)

  5. LOVE that light fixture! We painted the trim in our ENTIRE house while I was on maternity leave. The least fun thing I've ever done, but definitely worth it!

  6. It would be more rewarding if the trim was wood tone or another color, but we are going from scuffed white to bright white. It really does make it look fresh, but it's totally a job that goes unnoticed

  7. Great color on the mantle; I always feel so sorry for our's after Christmas and it's bare and I don't know what to do with it.. Good for you painting trim, etc., that's gotta feel like a never-ending task, but I'm sure very rewarding once you're done!! Hoping to also get organized and cut out the clutter around the house; especially in my closet, still have maternity clothes in there taking up valuable space. :)


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