Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Mid Week Drag

This week has been impossibly slow, but I'm sure most people are feeling that way since holiday weekends tend to do that.  The Husband has been working late and the bathroom is totally demo'd.  Hopefully the tile work will start tomorrow and I'll actually get some more motivation to plan Kenley's playdate party, that's happening this weekend.  

Once again lots of fun posts planned, just need some time to write them!

Send lots of coffee, I think I'll have a few late nights ahead!


  1. LOVE the 12 month comparison! Look at how big she's getting! Sending lots of luck and coffee vibes to you this week. Can't wait to see the theme of her party!

  2. Yay for home improvements!! Our bathroom needs a major overhaul. But that's not going to happen (Since it's not our forever home) so hopefully a new floor is in our near future!!


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