Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Happy December!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, our's was simple, but perfect.  On Wednesday it snowed, Thursday we feasted, Friday we shopped, Saturday we battled colds, and Sunday celebrated Kenley's 1st Birthday.

The snow was bit underwhelming.  The forecast called for 5-8" and while it snowed most of the day, it was a bit too wet and too warm for it to accumulate.  We probably got about 2" of wet snow, that towards the end of the day washed up when it turned to sleet.  It was still enough up in New York for my mom not to make it down for Thanksgiving, but we celebrated regardless.  We made our turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato casserole.  Kenley couldn't get enough of everything and Ashlynn ate a biscuit.  I made her take a bite of each, and it didn't really seem like she disliked it, I just don't think she like how it looked and therefore didn't want to eat it. Whatever, kid.  We put up most of the Christmas decor and watched the parade.

Since we usually do the Christmas tree and decorations on Friday, but had already put them up and were up early as can be, I figured I'd run out at Kenley's morning nap and see if I could snag any good deals.  I stopped in Kohls to see if they had any steam vacuums, the one they had on sale price matched Amazon, so I figured if we decided to order it we would just use our Amazon prime and save me from carrying it through the store and waiting in the check out line.  I did get some great deals on toys, 35% off puzzles and 50% off the rest of the toys I grabbed.  Then I headed to Target.  Both stores were busy, but neither insane.  It just felt like shopping a day or two before Christmas.  I got a bunch of stocking stuffers and some Christmas lights and headed home for some leftovers.  The husband went back out later to Target and grabbed a mirror I told him about.  I'll post about later this week, but it was 20% off with the cartwheel app and looks awesome!  Oh and I did end up snagging a steam cleaner on Amazon's Lightning Deals for under $100!

Saturday we were supposed to celebrate Kenley's birthday with my In Laws and two nieces, but the girls were both under the weather and we chose not to infect the cousins.  We stayed inside, worked on some home projects and dealt with some whiny kids.  Sunday was Kenley's birthday.  We started with some funfetti pancakes with whipped cream (devoured) and just played at home catching up on Zzz's since nighttime sleep has been rotten all around due to cutting molars and stuffy noses.

This week, I'm prepping for Kenley's party and we are getting our master bathroom reno'd.   I'm so excited for the holiday season.  Ashlynn has really gotten into the whole Santa thing and our elf showed up on Thanksgiving night, Ashlynn named her Alice and loves finding her each morning.

Today we have Kenley's 12 month doctor appointment, so I'll post her update and probably some sappy non-sense tomorrow!


  1. Happy birthday Kenley! I love how Ashlynn only ate a biscuit...I made a yummy plate of all of our Thanksgiving food and Hudson was so excited about it...but only ate a dinner roll. Silly 2 year olds!

  2. That picture!! Where did your little baby go? She's looking so grown up!!
    XO Kelly

  3. Such a fun long weekend! And happy birthday sweet kenley!! How oh how is she ALREADY ONE?!

  4. happy birthday to your little girl!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Happy Birthday Kenley!!! I love that picture of the two girls!!! My MIL had Amazon prime and she let me use it on Friday. Pretty cool!! I think I'll have to hack in every so often!!!!

  6. Ha! So funny, clearly they missed the memo... oh well, more for me!


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