Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sister/Sister - 12 Months

Twelve Month Stats:

Height:  28" (10%)
Weight: 19lb 3oz (50%)
Teeth:  2 

Height:  29" (40%)
Weight: 19lb 3oz (42%)
Teeth:  8 (and working on her bottom molars)

Not sure why the % scale is different, but close enough.  So funny they weighed the exact same at one year old, even funnier Ashlynn was a whole inch shorter!


Ashlynn (taken from week 52)
"Hit a strange phase for about 5 days, hoping it's ending.  She'll wake up crying hysterically.  I have to go in and hold her for a bit to calm down and then finally can put her back in the crib and she'll go back to sleep.  Not sure if it's nightmares, teeth, general growing pains, but my heart breaks to hear her cry like that."

Kenley (as of this week, her 53rd)
Not too bad.  Generally goes down at 6:30-7pm no fuss, doesn't even need a high maintenance bedtime routine like other family members.  She's weaned from formula and bottles and basically, just goes to sleep.  She does wake a few times, usually looking for her lost paci.  This was the case for a few months with Ashlynn too at one point. She typically wakes up for real sometime between 5-6am.  I usually try to just hold her in the chair in her room and snuggle for a bit until closer to 6 when I can make her dad go down and get a cup of milk and turn on the news and snuggle in our bed until Ashlynn joins.  This week, Ashlynn's has been up earlier or in my bed, and if K wakes, she insists I get her.  Naps are good.  Basically, could do away with the quick paci retrieval trips, but could be a lot worse. 


"Really doing away with purees.  Eggs, pancakes, or french toast for breakfast.  A lot of soup for lunch (recipes makes a TON and she loves it, eats adult sized bowls.) And chicken with egg noodles or a veggie for dinner.  She's finally eating teething biscuits for a snack instead of throwing them on the floor and of course, loves herself some kiwi, avocado, and mandrin oranges.  Staples around here."

Solely on finger foods with the exception of yogurt.  Actually, she eats a lot of food with a fork and does surprisingly well with it.  I'm thinking about letting her try a spoon with yogurt or oatmeal, but I well aware of the mess that comes with that, so I might hold off a little longer.  She loves berries of all kinds - blue, rasp, straw and bananas.  She's pretty good with her veggies - peas, corn, carrots, and loves sautéed spinach.  She eats a lot of the "toddler" food Ashlynn has, nuggets, cubes of cheese sticks, mac and cheese, pizza, noodles, tortalleni and fish.  She loves turkey meatballs and lasagna and crushed Thanksgiving.  She also likes deli turkey and any type of carbs - bread, waffles, bagels, etc.  


Shy, clingy, and happy.  Basically the same as now.  Is friendly and bashful, but just don't enter her bubble of personal space. 

In some crazy turn of events since the last post at 9 months, Kenley has just become the happiest, silliest, adventurous, social butterfly.  I can only credit it to weaning her earlier than I planned at 10.5 months.  She's spent more time with my MIL which I think has helped her separation anxiety and general social demeanor.  She will go up to anyone and expect them to pick her up or she'll try to give them or show whatever toy she has while babbling about.  She's a dare devil scaling anything she can, climbing the couch, tables, standing at the top of the slide and trying to walk down, standing on toys to climb higher on the bookcase.  She's nuts.  And fast.  She's been walking since 9.5m and at this rate if her legs were longer she could probably take Ashlynn in a race.

Picture Time!

If only I could freeze time!


  1. it's so fun to see the side-by-side pics! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. It's so fun to see them side by side! It's crazy how you got them doing almost the EXACT same thing in the first photos (party photos) too. So cute!

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  7. Love the comparison pics! They are both so cute!

  8. They are SO much alike and yet so different. Love the comparisons. The best part of having more than one kid! ;)


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