Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[Review] Finding Frames with Firmoo

Something you are probably unaware of, is my terrible eyesight.  I'm nearsighted, and have been wearing glasses since I was in 5th Grade.  Except, I refused to wear them around and only put them on to see the chalkboard when needed and then take them off as soon as I was done.  By the time I was in 7th Grade, my eyesight worsened, and after some pleading my parents allowed me to get contacts instead.  And ever since, I've worn contacts usually from the the time I brush my teeth in the morning to the time I brush my teeth before bed.  However, I still need frames for when my eyes are irritated, watching tv in bed, getting up for all those middle of the night wakings, or just occasionally being lazy around the house.   

So most people have never glimpsed me in glasses, and because of this, I've only owned three pairs in the last fifteen years. The last pair I bought was about six years ago, and replacing them has become a priority due to all the little hands that have pulled or played with them over the last few years.  I had been thinking about using a mail order service instead of going through my optometrists office, but have been putting it off.  I was recently contacted by Firmoo.com, a global optical online store, to try a pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses.  I checked out the site, I was impressed with the options and styles, and mostly, how affordable the prices.  

I found a pair of frames I liked, used the online try on tool where you can upload your photo to see how the frames look on your face and began placing my order.  Since I was ordering prescription glasses, I  did need to get my lens rx from my optometrist.  I entered the information and picked the features I wanted (UV Coating, Anti-Scratch, etc), and placed the order.   

My order was placed on December 2nd, and they arrived a week later on December 10th.   They came with a nice hard glasses case, soft pouch, cleaning cloth and screwdriver.  

I was stunned that even with the single vision lenses and features, the glasses were still under $50. The only reason I never get new frames is because I always put my insurance coverage towards my contacts and never want to pay the hundreds that prescription glasses can cost.

Even better, Firmoo offers a First Pair Free program on selected glasses to new customers and Free Shipping on orders over $39 with code FREESHIP.  They are also offering 30% Off all frames for the holiday with code HD30.

If you are looking for an affordable pair of glasses or sunglasses, definitely check out Firmoo's options.  


FTC Disclosure: I received a free pair of glasses from Firmoo in exchange for a review on my blog.
All opinions expressed are my own and I received no monetary compensation. This post also contains affiliate links.

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