Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five - Holiday Cards, Decor, Jammies, and that stinkin' Elf

I teased a runner up for our Tiny Prints holiday card earlier this week, and now that almost all have been mailed out I'm virtually sharing our greeting!

I thought about trying to wrangle the girls in some holiday attire earlier in the Fall to take a photo for the card myself, but ultimately knew it would end up with one kid blurry and the back of the other's head.  I figured since we paid for professional photos back in the summer, why not put them to use?  And as soon as I saw the Essential Love card, I knew which photo was a perfect fit.  We used Tiny Prints for both girls birth announcements, past holiday cards, and party invites.  I knew we would be getting a solid cardstock greeting card with a clear printed image, and the foil-stamped message is perfect!

Red pen, our address embosser, and some gold glitter tape to finish the job!

If you still need to order holiday cards, Tiny Prints is offering up to 40% off sitewide with code 40SWSALE and free shipping on order over $49 with FREESHIP49
I shared our mantel on Instagram the other day, but figured I'd share it here as well.  I still feel like something is missing.  Maybe red poinsettias next to the gold trees, or some red berry botanical stems?  The Angels are hand me down crafts my mom and I bought when I was kid from my friend's mom's craft show.  We have a whole collection of holiday decor items and ornaments we picked up year after year and they are really the most special pieces I have.  I'm not one of those people who changes our holiday color scheme and decorations each year.  I still feel like we are adding to our collection we have so I try to stick to a classic theme of red, white, gold, and of course evergreen. 

annual snow globe collection out of tiny hands way!
Another Christmas item we didn't have was a display for our holiday cards.  Growing up we had an quilted envelope that hung on our mantel with the stockings to hold all the cards received.  Since everyone sends photo cards these days, I always like to display them.  Last year, I just taped some twine on the wall and hung them with clothes pins.  This year I decided to use the left over wood from our DIY Advent.  I painted it the same way and just hot glued some mini clothespins I already I had.  Screwed in two picture hooks and attached some twine.  I can't wait to fill it up, it's the only time of year I actually enjoy getting the mail since it's not just all junk and bills!  I want fancy it up a bit too, maybe add a simple felt garland, I'll figure it out!

After Thanksgiving dinner, our Elf showed up.  We actually scored her last year in Target's after Christmas clearance for 50% off. Ashlynn named her Alice, which surprised me since I figured she'd name her "Elf" since her doll is "Dolly", bunny "Bun", and bear "Bear".  I wasn't sure if she was still to young to care, but every morning she really does go searching for Alice before having breakfast.  Alice doesn't get into any mischief, she doesn't have time for that traveling back to the North Pole and all each night, but she does change her location. She seems to understand that Alice watches if she's good or bad and so far she's been quite helpful in easing the bed time tears and protests because you know, you don't want Alice to see you crying right before she goes to visit Santa?  When Ashlynn has trouble finding her, she says she's still at The Polis. 

our new mirror I talked about earlier this week
Last is our Christmas morning jammie situation.  I finally bucked up for some Hanna Andersson matching jammies now that the girls can match.  While pricy for pajamas, I know these jammies will last a long time, especially the ones for Ashlynn since they will probably be Kenley's next year.  I'm just going to rock this cute Hello holiday tee with some leggings and cozy socks while sipping some spiked up coffee.  

What's your favorite part of the holidays??


FTC Disclaimer:  Tiny Prints generously sent us our holiday cards for our review, but all our opinions and brand loyalty is all our own.


  1. I just ordered us al the Hello Santa shirts for Christmas morning...enjoy that spiked coffee for me!! I love your stockings!! I have been eyeing similar ones at PB, but we won't be moved in util AFTER Christmas, so I may hold out for after-Christmas sales! :) Happy Weekend!!

  2. yes, I actually got a small because I wanted it to be a little looser, but it's pretty big, wish I would have ordered an XS. still will look cute with leggings

  3. Amanda {Tickled Pink}December 5, 2014 at 10:25 AM

    Love ya'll's Christmas Card. It's so much better not in festive attire too! Love it! Love the vintage craft show decor! We have some of that too! My mom use to do all those craft shows and such. Such fun memories!

  4. Your Christmas card is really sweet and I love the gold foil! Great job on your mantel!! I don't think I even saw it on IG probably because I thought it was a Pottery Barn gram or something -- that's how great it looks! Those Hannah Anderson jams are so cute! Love the pattern == would totally wear them in my size :)

  5. Such an adorable Christmas Card! Some other Ladies and I are host a Christmas Card Blog Linkup soon. You should join and link back to this post!!

  6. That picture. I'm dying!!! Love the card display.

    Now that is a hello shirt I can afford!!!!

  7. LOVE your holiday cards! They are gorgeous. I love Tiny Prints and their quality.
    Also love your display for all the cards you get. Genius and super cute!


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