Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Five - Favorite Baby Products of 2014

It's that time of year, get ready for the overkill of recaps, year in reviews, and favorite things every where you look - including here.  I thought since was my second time through the babyhood rodeo I'd highlight a few of my favorite products that helped me survive the second child.

While I still swear by a handful of products from the first time around, but we added a new items this time around that would recommend to any friend.

1 - Fisher Price Swing  

We didn't have a swing with Ashlynn.  There were so many other big ticket items when pregnant the first time we thought we'd hold off and just buy one as a last resort if needed.  When Kenley started her witching hour insanity at 4 weeks old and nothing, but pacing and listening to her wail for six hours we asked a friend to borrow their swing.  It was a Fisher Price Snug-a-bunny and it saved the day (and arms, and sanity, and everything else).

2 - Tommee Tippee Bottles 

The first time around Ashlynn started with nursing and bottles since she was born early and nursing wasn't very easy start.  I used Dr. Browns bottles and by the time we finally got the hang nursing I basically swore I would burn my pump, bottles, and all the tiny little parts that came with each.

When I was pregnant with Kenley, I attended a social media mixer and received a Tommee Tippee bottle in a swag bag. When I started testing the waters of bottles with Kenley, the only one she would take was the Tommee Tippee.  I love that it's smaller and the shape of the cap and nipple wider to closer mimic a mother.  Although, my very favorite feature is that it's just three easy parts to wash and assemble.

3 - Merino Kids Sleep Sack

I was lucky enough to review a Merino Kids sleep sack a few months ago, and it's quickly become my go to.  Kenley wears it nightly.  I wish I would have known sooner before having to purchase multiple sizes of other brands.  Definitely an investment, and being honest, I'm not sure I ever would have purchased one if not asked to review, but I am so glad I was.  Love it. 

4 - Exergen Temporal Thermometer

I got one of these from my dad last Christmas, after asking for one.  At this point I still only had a infant rectal thermometer and with Ashlynn at a year and half, it really wasn't the way I wanted to check for fevers.  While my main reason for wanting one was Ashlynn, I have used it way more often with Kenley.  Unlike Ashlynn who only had one fever and cold during her first year, Kenley has battled multiple ear infections, colds, and even pink eye.  I loved being able to check her first with the temporal thermometer before needed to know if I really needed to confirm and an accurate rectal reading.  Such a simple product, that makes an annoying task much happier for everyone.

Yeah, more love for the moccasin.  While Ashlynn has had Freshly Picked longer than Kenley, she didn't have them during her first year and while learning to walk.  I am so glad we had them for Kenley when she was beginning to cruise around and walk this year, they definitely helped with her being able to keep her balance and they hold up well. And of course, they are adorable and much cuter than the "starter shoes" I started Ashlynn with. 

What are your tried and true products or favorite things to recommend??


Thank you to Tommee Tippee for sponsoring this year end review!


  1. sooo i keep debating on if i should return my dr. brown bottles for bottles with less parts... i've heard great things about tommee tippee! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I just "invested" in the Temporal Thermometer, and I LOVE IT! That swing saved our lives the first time, so I will definitely be pulling it out again! :) As much as you swear by Freshly Picked Mocs, I think I will have to get some for Baby #2!

  3. Love this! And I'm embarrassed to admit babe 2 already has a bigger FP mocc stash than lex!

  4. OBSESSED with Freshly Picked! They are truly the BEST baby shoes.

  5. You're reminding me that I still need to do our year 1-2 favorites. I'm a solid month late and I think the first year I had the post ready to go like the day he turned one. Whoops. I'll get to that.

  6. It's a life saver, the thermometer. Definitely something I'll recommend to friends to add to their registries! And the moccs, aside from getting compliments on them everywhere we go because they are cute, they are actually awesome.

  7. I really liked my Dr.Browns bottles the first time around and didn't think the parts were that bad.... until I started using bottles with less!

  8. Well, these different stuff you shared are truly awesome and so helpful. I have the Exergen Temporal thermometer before, but I've decided to change it since it doesn't work well for us anymore, but it's a great thermometer. Thanks for this!

  9. I love the thermometer. I recently received the Braun one and it's amazing. I wish I got one before my 4th child!!!


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