Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Santa,

I got a tip from the jolly big guy that the girls might find some of these items under our tree this year!

Even though Ashlynn gets really excited over scooters lately, we decided to get her a balance bike.  It will be her first bike since we never got a tricycle or big wheel.  We hope her interest in it last longer than a scooter and help her learn to ride a bike.   Although I had wishlisted a Strider Bike, Santa decided to go with a Radio Flyer because it was a great deal and he was able to use a 20% Off coupon on a catalog he received.

Ashlynn has a little MagiClip Anna that we picked up back in the summer.  She plays with it a lot (and Kenley loves to chew it) and she always asks for "little Elsa".  It's actually the only thing she says she wants to ask for from Santa.

Toddler Anna came with the Toddler Elsa we had stored away for a Christmas present months ago.  Elsa became the no paci prize, so Anna will go to the appropriate little sister.  I like to make sure Ashlynn knows not every toy is "her" toy and that Kenley is so kind to share and that she should too. Plus K babe loves herself some dolls.

Back to the MagiClip dolls, I saw this castle set at Kohl's on Black Friday for 50% Off. It's a mini Castle and come with Ariel and Belle.  Since Ashlynn has Anna and is getting Elsa (and Rapunzel too), this is the perfect place to keep them and I know this is a toy that will continue to grow with her for a few years.

Ashlynn is in a big puzzle phase, doing lots of actual puzzles with interlocking pieces, not just the chunky style ones.  So we stocked up on a few new 24 and 48 piece ones and added a few new toddler ones for Kenley since she's surprisingly good at them too!

K is also getting her kitchen stocked.  This Step 2 101 piece food set was another 50% off find on Black Friday.  Another toy that will be loved by both girls probably for many years.

The Fisher Price Little People Skyway and Trampoline are actually gifts from my dad.  I'm pretty sure they might be the two biggest hits.  Nothing like having Bopo beat out Santa!

Have you heard from Santa?  What fun things is he dropping at your home??

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  1. What a fun list!! Their eyes are going to light up on Christmas morning!!! The trampoline and bike are just perfect...they are going to be busy little girls. :)

  2. That trampoline is going to be the best gift ever! I love it!!

  3. I know, right? She already acts like our house is a trampoline, figured it'd be good to keep the constant jumping controlled.

  4. My mother-in-law gave the kids a similar version of the car skyway a few years ago. At first I thought it would be tossed aside and they totally proved me wrong! They play with it all the time! Well.. when we can find the cars now but still!


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