Wednesday, November 12, 2014

[Review] Merino Kids Sleep Sack

A month or so ago, I was contacted by Merino Kids to try out their merino wool sleep sack.   I waffled over whether I should accept since I have used the same brand of sleep sacks since Ashlynn had started using them when we stopped swaddling,  and have been very pleased.  I decided it couldn't hurt to say yes, since I try to only accept reviews for products that relate to the content of this blog and this it a type of product we use every night.  It's also a product made with quality and organic materials which we are typically drawn to and purchase. 

Merino Kids sleep sacks are made of super fine merino wool on the inside and 100% organic cotton on the outer layer.  It is itch-free, allergy safe and naturally fire-resistant.  It is much lighter and softer than I expected, I thought being wool it would be heavy, but it's actually really light and not bulky. However, since merino wool absorbs and releases moisture (why cloth diaper moms use wool covers!) it is able to maintain baby's body temperature keeping them warm and dry, without overheating.

The second thing I noticed when it arrived was how big it was.  The sleep sacks come sized 0-2 and 2-4yrs.  I thought it might actually fit Ashlynn better than Kenley, but due to the design it could actually fit both perfectly.  The bodice is contoured, so it doesn't slide up as baby rolls around in her sleep, and there are snaps under the arms to tighten or loosen the arm holes as the child grows.  The sack unzips at the bottom for easy diaper changes, and fully goes up the left side for easy on and off.  

One of the most innovative details is the pocket slot on the front and back allowing you to slide through a seat belt or stroller buckle.  This is great for road trips or when you know you'll need to transfer a sleepy baby from the car to the crib and not want to disturb by waking them to get their jammies and sleep sack on.  It'd also be great for bundling up on walks for colder months.   

I was also a little intimidated about washing something made of wool.  Kenley started bottles about the same time we received the product.  Formula dribble is inevitable. I was hesitant to use it too frequently because I didn't want to have to wash it often.  That all changed one night after weaning her completely to formula.  She had eaten a dinner of pureed peas, zucchini and quinoa and then finally taken all 8oz of her bottle in one shot, the first time she hadn't quit early.  I was so excited she was finally accepting it.  She popped up and stared at me, I realized she probably needed to burp, but instead everything came out.  All over me, her white nursery chair, and her sleep sack.  I was horrified for a number of reasons, but the biggest was having to explain to the Merino Kids rep I managed to ruin the sleep sack prior to posting my review or even getting to give the product a fair chance.   I washed it on the handwash setting in cold water with Wool-lite and let it air dry.  It looks, smells, and feels, brand new. No stains and the wool feels just as it did when it arrived.  I've washed it multiple times since and it's come out the same every time.

I still think it's quite the investment at over $100 for one.  However, this sleepsack is really the only sleep sack you would need.  I have spent well over that amount on other brands of sleep sacks since I had to buy a new one at 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+ in two different weights for different seasons.  So while it may hurt the wallet when first purchased, it would definitely keep costs down in the long run. 

I still use our old muslin sleep sack, but I honestly find myself grabbing this one just as much if not more now that the temps are dipping these last few weeks.  If you are looking for registry items or a luxury gift to give a special friend or family member, this is definitely a product that will be used and loved by the recipient.  

Merino Kids graciously sent us one Merino Kids sleep sack size 0-2 in Banbury for our review, all opinions and experiences are solely our own. If you like to learn more about Merino Kids, please click here!

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  1. cute sleepsack! i love the stripe pattern :) xo jillian


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