Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Holiday Wishlist

This is an open letter to anyone (cough, my husband, cough cough) looking to send me something in a brown paper package tied up with string.  Here are a few of my favorite things... I want!

I typically love gifts that toe the line between practical and yet something I generally don't buy myself.  Nothing better than getting something you need and actually want.

I've been using the same address book since I graduated college.  It's a cute a little two tone Coach planner and address book holder and for maybe the first five years, I'd go into coach and buy a new planner insert, then I eventually stopped since I really only use a monthly calendar (not daily) and wanted a larger size.  The addresses in my book have been corrected once or twice or include people I no longer keep in touch with and is missing those I do.  I would love a new cute book to start over and finally dump the tiny pile of return address stickers I keep for all the people I'm never sure if I have their info.   

I haven't been too great to my skin since becoming pregnant.  I stopped using a lot of products when pregnant with Ashlynn and switched to brands toting natural ingredients.  I stuck with them through nursing, another pregnancy, and more nursing.  Now that my body isn't being shared, I'd love to restock my make up drawer with some tried and true products that can take care of my 30 something skin.  I love Philosophy products, and the microdelivery peel is a favorite.  I typically only use it once or twice a week, so it lasts a long time, but my Sephora/Ulta budget was the first thing I slashed when I choose to stay home and not return to work. Also, it's much cheaper to buy from Amazon then any of the department stores. 

I'm a roll with the sugar cookie making and while I actually have a decent cookie cutter collection, which is odd since I really never ever had used any of them, I'd love to add these letters.  Super cute and fun to add to any occasion.

The Sorels are a total want/need.  Of course they are super cute and everyone seems to have a pair, but now that we can actually enjoy the snow this year (last year it was impossible to take a newborn outside in a polar vortex with a toddler) I need a new pair of snow boots.  My Uggs, which were probably 10 years old any way, got lost during our move and trashed this summer when found them cleaning out the garage.  So to keep my feet nice and dry, these would be great (size 7 eh hmm).

I pictured a Threshold throw blanket above, because I'm actually obsessed with all the blankets Target has out right now, and since Penny has claimed my last throw, I'd like a new one to cuddle with while binging on netflix that won't leave me cover in dog hair.  Not expensive, but just something I never feel like adding to our already large Target tabs.  

Last, this J.Crew sweater.  Totally my style, 100%.  I just like it, plain and simple. It's a splurge so I would never just go and buy it before it hit the sale rack, but I'd happily accept it in gift form. 

What kind of presents do you like?  Do you like being surprised or prefer mailing your list to Santa?


  1. Great list! I definitely prefer mailing my list to Santa!! Wink, wink :)

  2. I love this list!! I JUST bought myself a new address book, but it was so hard to find! I guess people use electronics, but I love paper still. Ok, do you have Sorels? I need some professional opinions! :) I Just bought a pair from Piperlime but am going to return the because they hurt my achilles when I walk...strange! I am curious if this is normal, and they'll be more comfy as I wear them? So random, but just checking!! Haha :)

  3. Target throws are on point this year! and you need that sweater ;) SO cute!

  4. I don't have a pair, but just want to get something that will last multiple seasons and hold up with actually playing in the snow with the kids instead of just trudging through it to get to my car. I did read a lot of reviews about what you are saying, so there is a chance it's normal. I'll have to try some on one day and see!

  5. Oh no! I didn't read any reviews, I have just wanted a pair forever - they're so cute! Maybe I will have to try mine a few more times because I really want to keep them! :) I can't wait to see what you think!

  6. I like to mail my list to Santa! I feel like wish lists are for things you want but wouldn't buy for yourself!

  7. Great list, I love when everyone starts putting wish lists together. Helps me get some ideas and saves me some 'shopping' time!! I did not realize how esssspensive snow boots could be though; cute, but dang. I suppose they'll last for years though since they're very seasonal and something like that is worth having a GREAT pair. Would save me from falling on my @$$ while clearing off our driveway, I'm sure.. :)

  8. That sweater is darling, hope you get it!


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