Friday, November 7, 2014

Got My Fix (Round 3)

My third Stitch Fix arrived this weekend.   It came earlier than scheduled, which was fun, but also a little annoying since I purposely schedule them eight weeks apart so I'm not 'shopping' more often.  Just a week, no biggie, just hope the deliveries don't continue to creep up!

My stylist Erin used my pinterest board to help guide her selections for me.  The biggest issue with this, is that I've tried adding a few items to my Style Wishlist board recently, but majority of the pins are older than my kids.  I still like the majority of the styles, but not super current.  My Style  Inspiration board has more style ideas, so I updated my style profile on Stitch Fix to reference this board instead.   Either way her picks were definitely up my alley.

First up was the Vida Striped Detail Zip Up Cardigan by Tart, which Erin included because of the unique thumb hole detail.  Something I love as I own a few shirts/work out gear with the thumb hole.  I like the stripes on the wrist and the pockets zip close.  The detailing under bust helps give me a bit of shape.  It's lightweight and washable, perfect mom-gear.  I can wear it with leggings or jeans for my usual casual style.  I don't necessarily have a hole in my closet for these type of items, but I did want to get a new lightweight zip up since the one I usually grab when lounging around is starting to fall apart and I no longer wear it out of the house.  It was priced a little high for my liking at $78, I would have been happier at $48 or $58, but I know comparable LuLu items are even more.  I had a credit so that help me decide to keep it, and I've already worn.

The Presley Colorblock Button-Back Sweater by 41Hawthorn was the item I was drawn to the most.  I loved the vibrant mustard and I love a good crew neck sweater.  However when I opened it up I noticed the buttons down the back (there was a tag there) and thought they really looked like cardigan buttons.  I thought maybe I could wear it both ways, then thought it was a neat detail, then I put it on and confirmed, no it looks like a backwards cardigan.  I loved the fit from the front and I really love sweaters like this and just recently trashed a J.Crew one that I wore holes through the elbows, but after an Instagram poll confirming that it did look like I got dressed in the dark, I sent it back.  So close and the $68 price tag was reasonable, great fit and nice material.

This Benson Embroidered Trim Top by Skies are Blue was pretty drab in real life, a heathered orange and was a slub jersey knit material.  I wasn't crazy about the color, but I did like the fabric (washable and soft) and the detail, but the fit just wasn't flattering.  I didn't love it, sent back.

Erin included the Coco Swiss Dot Roll Tab Blouse by Brixon Ivy because I had a pin of Lauren Conrad, my listed style icon, in a similar top.  I waffled between this top and the activewear zip up for which to keep, since they were both the highest priced items in my box I didn't want to keep both.  I'm regretting it bit, but I just don't think it was special enough.  I have a few similar style blouses in my closet and I don't reach for them all that often even though they are some of my favorite pieces.  This is usually because I don't want them getting yucky doing dishes 20x a day, wiping hummus hands, and bottle drips.  It was definitely the right style and type of item I look forward to receiving in my Fix, but I just didn't have to have it.

Last was the Devaux Printed Tab Sleeve Blouse by Angie.  If this didn't fit like a tent, I might have kept it!  I liked the teal color and the fabric compared to the Swiss Dot blouse was more mom-friendly, no risk of snags and easier to wash. It was marked XS on all the tags, but I'm still believing it was an error.  Once I had it on, I immediately thought it looked like I was wearing a hospital gown, and the print pattern that I initially liked, looked just like the print on the maternity gown I gave birth in.  This was sent back.

Overall I was really happy with Erin's picks, I just had issues with fit or details.  I'm looking forward to updating my pinterest boards and thinking more about any specific items I would like so I can send a note to give them some guidance.  If you are interested in receiving a Stitch Fix, you can use my referral code and sign up here!

Want to learn more about how it works?  Read my first post here!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  Are you happy with the service? I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I really like the first one! I would wear it all the time! The second one is cute from the front, but it does kind of look like you got dressed in the dark and ran out of the house. Lol. That's too bad. :-( but stitch fix does sound so cool. It just seems like the items all cost more than I would normally spend on one item.

  2. I know I really loved the pullover style sweater, wish it didnt look like a cardigan from behind. The items typically run from $48-$78, although that is what I stated as my preferred range in my profile, I know they have more expensive, and I'm sure there might be cheaper items too, like tanks and tees. I'm ok spending that range per item, similar to J.Crew or Anthro, but it's why I never keep more than one and why I don't schedule my fixes monthly.

  3. I am OBSESSED with Stitch Fix! :) Love the items you got, and totally think the item you kept was the right one!!!

  4. I have loved my "fixes!" I always want to keep most of it, but due to the prices, I usually keep just one or two items. But, they are always items that I wouldn't normally buy, so I feel like they are good investments. ;)

  5. yes, I love that items aren't brands you readily find in the mall so the items are unique, not all your friends have the same thing.

  6. Now that I have a couple of nanny jobs and I'm bringing something in for our family I think I can finally take the plunge and get my own fix!!!

  7. I think after the holidays I *might* start scheduling fixes again. I can't believe how giant that last top is! Had to be a mistake. I like the top you kept! I love seeing what they pick but I just always think it's all overpriced.

  8. It had to be an XL not an XS! I agree, I think a lot are priced too high though the range they send me (roughly $48-78) which is pretty much the same (or lower) of places I shop - J.Crew, Anthro, Nordstrom, Piperlime. Sometimes the quality stands up, others not so much. But just like when shopping those stores, I usually don't buy much at once.

  9. Awesome, can't wait to see how you like it!

  10. I've been wanting to try Stitch Fix, especially after everyone's reviews I've read. I have such a hard time shopping for myself these days so someone helping me would definitely be appreciated. Can you set price max's? I haven't tried them yet because I don't know about the price points of the clothes they send. Maybe I can cancel Mason's Citrus Lane boxes and get myself some goodies for a few months :)

  11. You can set the range you are looking to shop, I would definitely give it a try once or twice and see what you think! Definitely not something I love so much to do monthly or more (nor could I afford to shop that often), but it's nice to have something every once and while for me

  12. That zip-up cardigan is to die for! Great call on keeping it. It's funny how much bigger that last one was. Pretty strange, but hey, they can't all be hits!


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