Monday, October 13, 2014


Nine Month Stats

Weight - 18lb4oz
Height  - 26.5"

Weight - 17lbs5oz
Height  - 27.5"


Ashlynn (taken from week 45)
"Naps.  Amazing.
She really hit a stride with her naps in December, but this month she's been solid.  Napping about 3 hours a day broken up into two.  Morning nap from 8:30-9am to 10-10:30 and afternoon from 1:30ish to 3pm.

Night Sleep. Improved.
She's been transitioning herself to waking once a night.  Sometimes she'll wake more, but she'll put herself down.  She's had a few early mornings, but we just did her morning feeding in bed and snuggled until it was time to get up.  Also, sometime around Christmas, she really transitioned into being a belly sleeper... which I hate.  I still put her down on her back, but she rolls and at this point she's old and strong enough that it really isn't an issue.  I know a lot of people place their younger babies on their tummy to sleep because they prefer it and they are all fine.  What I really hate, is this last month she's really taking after myself and is sleeping on her face.  I don't care if her head is turned, but seeing her face down on the monitor stops my heart.  I'm constantly checking the screen to make sure she's breathing."

Kenley (as of this week, her 45th)
We introduced the bottle and I stopped night feedings.  She basically still wakes around 4am needing a snuggle, but will go back to sleep until any time 5:30am through 7am.  It hasn't really been constant, but I'm hoping the waking stops soon and that she sleeps until at least 6am (hopefully later).

Naps are good.  Naps for 60-90 in the morning, same as Ashlynn used to, and typically another solid hour in the afternoon 1-2pm, sometimes longer. 

In regards to Ashlynn sleeping on her belly, I'm dying.  Kenley started sleeping on her stomach as soon as she could roll.  Definitely something I've gained comfort and grown used to. She also is all over the crib. Every time I check the monitor she's in a new spot. 


I started giving A blueberries this week.  She's had them pureed, but never whole.  I still cut them in half, but she LOVED them.  I haven't been buying them since they aren't really in season, but gobbles them up.  Looks like this year, I'll be stocking the freezer when they are in season.

She's also continued to eat things from my meal and mix of chopped up steamed veggies and some purees too.  And pancakes.  Girl, loves her pancakes.

On Monday, I also let her try a small amount of scrambled egg yolk.  Her pediatrician recommended we wait until she was 1 year, but after hearing so many other people give their children eggs before 1, and reading up on the subject, it seems like waiting is the old school way of thinking.  That its rare for there to be an allergy to the egg yolk, more so the egg white so I thought we'd be safe.  She seemed to really like it, except later that day she had a bit of an odd diaper rash.  I don't know if it's related, but I decided to hold off a little longer on trying it again.

We really need to up the finger foods, because she is going to eat us broke in pouches and jars.  And at this point, I can't keep up with the homemade food (which was pretty much the same with Ashlynn).  She generally eats a Yo Baby yogurt each day and a combination of pouches and jars alternating stage 2 and 3.  Usually gets some puffs and water with each meal and as far as the finger foods go, she loves banana, changed her tune on kiwi, eats pancakes, steamed zucchini, and loves sweet potato.  Funny to read this was the week I introduced egg to Ashlynn, because I also gave Kenley some of our scrambled eggs this morning, but then remember that I thought I was supposed to try egg yolk first. Maybe I'll scramble her one this week, see how it goes. 


Like last time I did this type of post, it's really hard to remember exactly how Ashlynn was.  Same as I said last time, as a baby she was pretty clingy and a general observer. She'd check situations out, before getting happy and waving, etc.  Which is still pretty much exactly how she is today. 

Kenley can be a sour patch kid.  She will go from being a smiley happy cuddler to opinionated screamer before you can blink.  She doesn't really cry in being upset, but cries in anger.  If she hungry, you know.  If she doesn't want you taking away a toy or being picked up or whatever, you know it.  She also adores Ashlynn.  She loves 'wrestling' with her and basically has to be whereever she is and touching whatever she's touching... which you can imagine how much a two year old loves that.  

Picture Time!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 


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  7. Totally sisters, but they each have their own look too! Love this!


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