Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Review] LINAJAKE Diaper Bag

I've talked about diaper bags a few times and the one thing I'm big on is a diaper bag, not looking like a "diaper bag".  I'm not into bright multi-colored geometric or paisley like patterns of the quintessential diaper bag.  You might also remember, that I was able to ditch my beloved and giant Nest 'Hudson' Diaper Bag for my more even more beloved Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo and be diaper bag free.  The only drawback to carrying my leather crossbody clown car of a handbag was the weight.  Between the sippies, wet bag stashed with wipes and diapers, my wallet, cell, and other things, the leather bag would really weigh on my shoulder and I kept having pain after taking it off.  I've been getting tension headaches this past month, and while not the result of my bag, I know it's not helping the tightness in my shoulders and neck.

I recently had the opportunity to review the Lina J. Bag by LINAJAKE and the first thing I noticed was how lightweight it is.  The Lina. J bag is smaller than than their original Lina bag, which looks more similar to my Nest bag.  This smaller sized bag, looks like a regular tote style handbag, but has all perks of a diaper bag.  It's water proof, has 4 interior slotted pockets on the sides, two elastic interior bottle pockets on each end.  A zippered interior pocket and two exterior flat pockets on the sides, perfect for things like your cell or keys that you need quick access too. It's always the stuff that I always need that gets buried first in my other bags. Which my husband really hates since I usually ask him to go open the door while I unbuckle the kids and I'm usually done before he can ever find the keys!

The bag easily holds all I need, two sippies, my travel wet bag where I store diapers and wipes and extra set of undies, wallet, hand sanitizer, boogie and paci wipes, sunscreen, tissues, my scarf and chap sticks, with room to spare for snacks, loveys, burp cloths/swaddles - you name it. 

The bag comes with a cross body strap with a middle clasp to convert the bag to a backpack.  Which honestly isn't really my style, but is totally functional when baby wearing so it's a nice option to have in those scenarios, like when we recently picked up some mums and pumpkins from the store for our porch.  The strap is also long enough to hang on any stroller or shopping cart handle so you never have to feel weighed down and restricted to carrying a shoulder bag.

My only drawbacks to note, are that the cross body strap, because of it's ability to convert to a backpack style, hangs very low on my 5'2" frame. It falls below my hip, but that might make it desirable to taller girls.  I also wish the cross body strap wasn't nylon for style reasons, but I understand that makes it super durable and also more comfortable when being worn as a backpack.  The other item to note is that bag does not come with a changing pad. This isn't a problem for me as we have two travel pad wristlets, one I keep in the car and another in the stroller, so I never carry one in my bag regardless, but this could be a drawback to someone else so worth noting. 

LINAJAKE carries the Lina.J bag in three colors, green, purple, and orange.  The snakeskin print exterior is fun pop of color without being in your face telltale "baby" print.  They also have the larger LinaBag comes in the same three colors and would double as a great work or gym bag too!  Bags like these are also great for travel because they pack away easy and light, and then provide multiple uses during your trip.

LINAJAKE is currently selling worldwide and on sites like Zulily, Gilt, and Plum District as well as their website, where you can take 20% OFF your order with code strawberryswing20!   Happy October, Friends!


LINAJAKE graciously provided the Lina.J Bag shown for my review.  I received no compensation for this post and all opinions shared are solely my own.  As always, I only accept sponsors and review products I am naturally interested in and find to be a good fit and relate to the content of this blog.


  1. I love that bag! I think it's even cute as a tote if you didn't need a diaper bag :)

  2. I agree! I've been using it for almost three weeks now and haven't once thought about switching back to my other bag. I love that it has the function of a diaper bag, without being gigantic!

  3. Thanks, I love the green, but the purple is really pretty too!


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