Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Half!

Ashlynn turned two and a half this past Saturday, so I thought I'd give a little update.  Of course, now she thinks she's three since she's working really hard on keeping her pinky down when holding up three fingers.

One my favorite recent developments are her nicknames - for us!  She started calling Kenley "Sissin" a few weeks ago, and initially I hated it.  I thought it was cute though that she came up with it herself and since we've all become Daddin, Mommin, and even Puppins.  It's completely grown on me and now it's totally normal vocab around here.

Since her last update she's started school, which is going really well.  She loves her teacher which gives me so much happiness.  Seeing that she's bonded and feels safe while at school I know will give her confidence and the ability to be happy and feel secure while there, which will allow her to be open to her learning experiences.  She's always excited to go, but still gets sad when I leave.  She doesn't meltdown or cling to me, but she usually quivers her lip and starts to tear up when I tell her I'll see her after lunch.  She still occasionally cries upon my return, but stops as soon as I ask her if she had fun and what she did today or tell her to sit back down and finish her lunch since she usually grabs her crackers by the fistful before she tries to come to hug me.

She's also starting to enter 'the terrible twos'.  I wouldn't call her terrible, but we are starting to get a lot of limit pushing and selective hearing.  Sharing is still a difficult concept, but that's naturally a problem for any two year old.  The worst behavior is when she pushes her sister because she's come to close to play with what she has.  It's a non-negotiable, if she pushes, she gets time out.  Which usually results in a non-negotiable meltdown for me, but some calm simple talking at her level explaining why we don't push usually gets her back on track and better behavior.

Jumping is probably her favorite thing.  The kid could just stand and jump around all. day. long. She also loves gymnastics, is actually really good at balance beam, can do a forward roll, and I'm a bit envious of her straddle. Her instructor even suggested letting her try the three year old class (no parents allowed!) since she has mastered most of those main concepts and always follows instructions.  I'm not sure how'd she do or if the facility would let her since she's only 2.5, but maybe will try it out early next year.

Verbal skills are pretty awesome, speaking in sentences and always trying new words.  She's constantly asking "What's that?" and if I don't know (driving in the car or just a random out of no where and I don't know what she's referring to) she'll usually tell me.  Glad she's just making conversation -- all. the. time.   Other funny phrases include "mines"... like "yours and mines".

Milestones include switching from her crib to toddler bed and starting pre-school.  The next big to-do is to break the binky habit.  She only uses it at nap and bed and knows she has to leave it there, but she really relies on it for sleep.  She also is crazy attached to her bunny and blank and always asks if they can come anywhere we go, so I hope we can knock the binky habit easily.   I haven't wanted to start the battle since we've gone from potty training, to big girl bed, to school.  Wish us luck with that one.

She loves singing and dancing (jumping) and is obsessed with Taylor Swift.  And requests "Tay-wer" every time we are in the car or I have the music on. She loves dress up and playgrounds and prefers climbing and sliding to swinging.  She loves yogurt, bananas, and cereal and eats all three almost every day.

Sleep (at the moment) is really good.  She usually calls us back in after her tuck, but we got it down to just "one shot" for her requests.  Usually they are somewhat ridiculous and just stall tactics, but I can deal with one extra trip, not five or more like she had been trying to bargain.  Rarely wakes in the night and usually stays in bed until her clock turns yellow or almost close enough.  However, she has started to take the liberty of letting herself out of her room instead of calling for me to come get her.

She's still a pretty good eater.  Of course, isn't into anything fancy or "adult", but will usually give things a shot.  I made sautéed veggies with thai peanut sauce and sticky rice last week and she ate a bit of the rice and a few veggies before requesting a yogurt.  Your basic toddler approved foods and plain items are usually eaten up.  Luckily, she could eat fruit all day and is pretty decent when it comes to veggies.

This age is definitely a ton of fun since she's so verbal and her imagination is really starting to blossom.  I won't sugar coat it though either, this age is definitely trying.  I know she's learning to assert her independence and certain concepts like sharing and taking turns, which to her credit, she's pretty good with, are hard for two year olds to really grasp.  Regardless of good days or bad days, my love for her never changes.  This is a kid with an infectious smile and can brighten any one's day, and she's mine :)


  1. Sydney has just turned five, and while it has been a really fun age for the most part.... We have noticed some major attitude developments and some major limit pushing. Lol

  2. "Mines" is a common phrase in my house typically I hear it at pick up when another child comes to hug or talk to me. She butts in and likes to say "Mines mommy!" So there's that. Until last night she has never acted aggressively towards her sister but last night she ever so gently placed her thumb on her sister's head and slightly pushed to knock her over all the while exclaiming "mines mommy, oh no sister okay??" Ummmm time out for that one sneaky child!

  3. Yeah, she'll push Kenley right in her face. It really isn't a malicious push, but more protective of her space, like boxing her out. I guess I'm just happy biting or hitting isn't an issue, but clearly the pushing isn't tolerated and hopefully it doesnt take much longer for that to sink in. The sad part is just that K is obsessed with A and wants to be near and play with whatever she's doing.

  4. I feel like Odette is already in the terrible two phase :( Oh my, the last few days have definitely been exhausting! Love seeing these updates of Ashlynn :) She's growing up way too fast!!
    XO Kelly

  5. Selective hearing is tough. One of my most often said phrases is, "Use your listening ears." It's like I'm talking to myself half the time. I love seeing her 2.5 update, but it makes me sad because that means ours isn't too far behind. Wahhh!

  6. Oh the binky. I think it'll be the one transition that might have me drinking copious amounts. Because lex also relies on it for sleep--- and I like my sleep. I haven't had the balls yet to attempt it!

  7. Same here and sleep goes back and forth with hit or miss around here. Since she's finally doing well and the baby is starting to sleep through the night, i really dont want to start a new problem.

  8. She sounds so much like Mac, only much better behaved! Our terrible 2s started around 20 months and haven't let up yet. It's a fun and wild time, but definitely trying on your patience. We never had to deal with a binky (Mac never took one), but we've yet to even start with real potty training. Oy.

  9. Okay she is just too cute for words! I'm hoping to get Ellie into gymnastics. Are you at a regular gym or at the little gym? I love that she is a year older than Ellie and I get to see what the future holds! Just the cutest little!

  10. Haha... she's generally shy in public settings which helps with the behavior since she's a stage five clinger. The meltdowns have been building since probably the same time, but now they are way more dramatic and less easily distractable. I really do love this age, but like you said, it's really testing my own patience and I have to settle myself sometimes from losing my own temper. Learning experiences for us both! Good luck with potty training, hopefully he'll surprise you!

  11. We are in a class at our YMCA. I'll probably start her in a real gym around 4 or 5 years old if she continues to show interest. They have all the real equipment at the Y and teach the basics there, so I'd rather use that as our starting point (its cheaper since we are members). A class like gymboree or little gym would be great for Ellie's age. Even some of the kids in Ashlynn's class have trouble focusing and following instructions at circle time, definitely different for each kid...

  12. Great thanks! I'll look into our Y here!


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