Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Things

Five Things Friday, here we go!
Earlier last month I had my 5 year blogiversary, say what?  It's pretty comical to see some old posts, though I'm sure I'll feel the same about this post in a few years.  I mean, isn't the point of a dairy... to be completely embarrassed in retrospect?

Blog clean up.  You may have noticed a few changes around here, new profile guy, some layout changes and a menu bar I'm still working on coding.  Hopefully everything will be easier to find, after five years of blogging everything started to get really hidden and cluttered.  Here's to online organization!

1000 posts.  At some point, I think last week, I had my 1000 post. I guess that's expected with five years of posting. Lot's of blog related milestones today.

In non-blogging related news, the Target Cartwheel app had a 25% all women's apparel coupon this week, so I grabbed these two tops. I might have been wearing the sweatshirt since.  Definitely doesn't look like I got it for $14.99.

Speaking of Target, we ordered our headboard from there this week too.  I have been scouring Joss & Main for weeks scoping out headboard styles and prices.  When it came down to it, I wanted a wingback headboard and (of course!!) they are significantly more than just a regular upholstered headboard. Like an average of $300 more for a King Size.  So a quick google search showed a well reviewed wingback headboard from Target clocking in a good $200+ less than I could have ordered at Joss & Main.  It scheduled to arrive next week!


  1. That sweatshirt makes me miss real clothes (and wish it was cool enough for anything with sleeves!).

  2. Haha! What Erin said. I too love that sweatshirt by with it being 99 this weekend, I won't be wearing sweatshirts any time soon!
    Also, congrats on 1000 posts! :)

  3. Love the headboard!!! Beautiful!

  4. I love the changes to your site so far - looking forward to seeing more to come :) Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

  5. Gorgeous headboard! Gotta love Target :)

  6. Pretty headboard girl! You have great taste :) I got mine from Joss & Main a few years ago and it looks really similar! It really does make a statement in the Master bedroom.
    XO Kelly

  7. Oooo I love the headboard! Can't wait to see what it looks like when you put it in the room. When we got our headboard a while ago it made a huge difference in our room.

    And I love the changes you've made here -- you inspired me to add a little disclaimer to mine.

  8. Oh that headboard is gorgeous!! Very nice!!

    Congratulations on five years! That is huge!

  9. Okay I love that sweatshirt and the headboard is gorgeous!!! Target for the win!!

  10. LOVE the headboard!


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