Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Deep Thoughts... vol 2

Lots of random things today, but always need a post like this as a catchall every once in a while.

Just finished reading this book last night.  I have read lots of rave reviews on some of my favorite blogs recently of everyone loving books by Liane Moriarty, mainly Big Little Lies and The Husband's Secret.  I downloaded Three Wishes to my kindle since it was cheapest, but I was totally wrapped up in it.  Definitely recommend if you're looking for a light read with actual character development and substance (as in I didn't feel dumber for reading it like some 'chick' books).

I hit up Joann's last week with the girls and grabbed some fabric for Kenley's birthday party.  I haven't touched the sewing machine since spring. I'm going to make her a skirt, with the simplest (and free) pattern I could find.  I still have never made any clothing, and while this is probably the simplest pattern to start with, I'm still nervous that's it's going to end up a hot mess.  Wish me luck!

Ashlynn is doing okay in regards to dropping the paci habit.  She hasn't had any full out tantrums or freak outs, but naps are protested on the daily. I'm hoping it's just a phase as she learns to fall asleep without it and she has napped maybe 50% of the days in the week she's gone without it.  Just keeping it real that hasn't been a total breeze.  She does ask almost daily "my bink?" and I remind her she gave to the little babies who are so happy now.  I also noticed her second two year molar is coming in on the bottom, so maybe some of the recent whininess is related to that, otherwise, you'd never know.

Kenley has been attached to her blankie for a while now.  As soon as I hand it to her before her nap she immediately snuggles it on my shoulder - a heart melting reflex I hope she never stops.  However, for a while I was trying to get her to attach to a tiny bear that was soft and perfect for her little hands.  She does love it and cuddles with it, but there doesn't seem to be any attachment growing, a shame since it could easily be stuffed in my bag.  Instead, she's been obsessed with all of Ashlynn's dolls.  Which the majority of them Ashlynn get's possessive over, so I bought Kenley a baby of her own and she literally hasn't put it down.  She brought it to the grocery store (I literally couldn't pry it from her hands when we left the house) and she held it the entire time I shopped.  I think she likes chewing on the plastic pacifier and limbs.

I made these little ghost dum dums for Ashlynn's class.  Simplest ever, Dum Dum, a clear elastic, and a white cupcake liner.  Use a sharpie to put on some eyes. Pinterest-able without being a total pain in the ass to make (or expensive).

After tons of review reading, I finally pulled the trigger on a new pair of leggings.  All of mine are really old and after torturing them through two pregnancies I really needed to replace them.  I can't say enough about these, they are thick weight (not heavy, just not see through), and hold you in where you want.  The waist band is wide so no muffin top either.  And the fact that they are reversible means I might just where them all week long.  Kidding! (sort of).

Okay, off to bake up some Halloween sugar cookies I had Ashlynn help me cut.  I promised we could decorate them and bring them to her teachers, hopefully they aren't too much of a hot mess to bring in.   Happy Hump Day!


  1. Thanks for the book rec and glad to hear the IRL update on the binky. I need to take the plunge!

  2. I have heard amazing things about those leggings! Going to try a pair for sure! Happy Halloween week!! XO

  3. "tons of review reading". You're one of those too? It's bad. Just today I was at the store and wanted to buy a thermous thing and thought to myself "nah. I need to read reviews first". lol

    Also, I just discovered my new leggings are semi-see thought. Ugh. I'm so temped to buy some Lulu Lemon ones. We'll see...

  4. with the second babe on the way I'm noticing all my leggings except my lulu's are see through.. never knew. Thankfully the husband politely let me know. I need to check these out!

  5. HUE leggings (also from Nordstrom) are awesome too. A little less expensive, thick, nice waistband and not see fave!


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