Monday, September 8, 2014


Wow, what a week it's been.  Starting Tuesday with Ashlynn's first day of school ever and Kenley getting diagnosed with an ear infection at her nine month check up an hour later.  My mom came down to visit on Wednesday, which was great since we hadn't seen her since Ashlynn's birthday.  She came down to celebrate her birthday (Thursday) so we baked a cake... all picked out by Ashlynn.  Sprinkle Cake (funfetti) and Yellow (neon yellow vanilla frosting).

Kenley kept having fevers spiking during the night and remaining warm throughout the days.  By Thursday she stopped eating as much since she's so congested she's having trouble breathing while swallowing.  I'm trying to suction and give saline drops when I can, but considering it took three doctors to hold her down just to check if she had an ear infection (no joke), you can imagine how squirmy she is and how it's basically impossible to use the nosefrida at all.  We headed back to the doctor on Friday since she was as clingy as ever and still running a fever.  A new antibiotic and finally she had a good night's rest Friday night.  Slowly turned the corner, no more fevers, eating a bit more, and back on the mend.

Before we saw the doctor in the afternoon, we had stopped by our local Gymboree for their Eric Carle collaboration event, read more about it here!  Ashlynn got to decorate a hungry caterpillar print out, she's really into coloring in the lines, and then listened to a reading of the story. We didn't stay too long since Kenley was under the weather and was craving snuggles.

Saturday was usual clean up day, we did the usual house pick up and squeezed in some morning yard work. After naps it thunder stormed and we watched Tangled and ordered a pizza.  Sunday started with the usual family Panera pit stop and the Husband got the car washed and vacuumed while I cleaned out all the goldfish from the bottom of Ashlynn's carseat. When he got back we reinstalled her seat since it had gotten a bit loose (good to remind everyone to check your that your carseats latch belts and tethers are nice and tight!) and we swapped Kenley's infant carrier and base for her shiny new convertible carseat.

We have a Britax Boulevard G4 for Ashlynn and while we are super happy with it regarding the brand, their reputation, the style, and function, there are few little things we'd change.  Mainly in her version, the HUGS straps have a smaller strap behind the straps that doesn't always catch evenly and you have to recenter the clip and tighten again.  Despite this one small flaw, my OCD got the best of me and we got the same exact seat because we figured it wasn't a big enough deal to buy another we might not be as happy with, and yeah, we wanted them to match.  Turns out, they made a few changes in this model and it doesn't have the the little mini straps, so I'm really pleased we decided to get all matchy matchy.

Then we washed off and put together the neighborhood's traveling playset.  It first belonged to one neighbor, who gave it away to another, who now bestowed it to us.  It could use a nice coat of paint, maybe in the spring, but free is a lot cheaper a fancy swingset that probably wouldn't fit in our yard, so we'll use it for now!

Ashlynn approved.  And so did the frog... see him?

Some football, a Wegman's run, and mussels marinara for dinner and the weekend is complete.  Excited to have a full week ahead with our new schedule and hopefully a happier baby!


  1. Mason HATES the NoseFreida. Still. It's impossible to use as one person as I have to hold him tightly, he screams bloody murder and Seth sucks his nose. I hate using it bc he hates it so much but it works miracles! We, too, have a Britax seat but the Marathon 70-G3 and love it! We transitioned Mason when he was around 9 months too and he loved it. Only downfall (which is not really a downfall) is that it's super big so it's hard to use on a side seat so I still have Mason's in the middle bc it's easier to get him in there.

  2. Whew. What a week/weekend! I hope that ear infection clears up ASAP. It's gotta suck big time!

  3. Aw, I LOVE how she decorated her caterpillar!

  4. Yeah I've found using the nosefrida is more a two person job. It was only this past time that I could do it myself (Noah is 22 months old)! So glad to hear she's feeling better!

  5. We taught Ashlynn to blow her nose a few months ago and it's been amazing... suctioning toddlers is worse than babies!

  6. haha, it's like she didnt even see the caterpillar

  7. We taught Ashlynn to blow her nose a few months ago, so nice since I basically quit using the nosefrida with her last winter. I actually hear people are happier with the marathons over the boulevard, but I was sucker for the extra features and having them coordinate. They are big, but we have a Grand Cherokee so luckily they are okay... as long as no one wants to carpool!!


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